Daily Gadget for Health – Battery Powered Steam Inhaler

Have you ever-laid in bed at night and couldn’t sleep because of a stuffy nose? Or you had an uncontrollable runny nose because of allergies? Avya Daily Gadget for Health – the battery power steam inhaler is designed to help people breath easier. It helps clear up a stuffy nose, clearing the nasal passages with particles of steam and saline. It goes deep into your nasal, sinus and throat passages with warm steam hydrating and moisturizing it while keeping your nasal passages clear by draining mucus, resulting in relieve of facial pressure.

Battery Powered Steam Inhaler

Aside from being effective, clears up your lungs and sinus even if the symptoms are very severe, it is also extremely portable. Its power coming from the batteries that recharge, making it a lot lighter and easier to carry. Durability is also another one of its qualities, guaranteeing its usage for 2 years.

Check out this gadget on kickstarter (official video and image source). The device itself has temperature control, removable mouthpiece, and water tank with built-in heater, making it personalized for different usages.