Noise Cancelling Bluetooth In-ear Graphene Sports Earphone

Active lifestyle is great, but it is even better with a pair of high quality earphones. There are exclusively designed earphones, that make sports more entertaining and wearing them more comfortable. Let’s review such as pair, and all of the specs of the DACOM L06 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth In-ear Graphene Sports Earphone.

These DACOM earbuds come in a couple of color options to choose from, depending on the different preferences of all. They are made in a way to have a much more lighter body, and fit tighter into the ear, for full comfort. The in-ear part is made out of super soft silicone material, that you won’t even notice. Neckband design, contours your body so they don’t fall out and off. Even better, is the IPX7 grade waterproof and sweatproof material, that can be used in just about any weather condition. When you are not using the earphones, the magnets on both of the earbuds lets you connect them to each other, for convenient storage and wearing around the neck. This way, they won’t swing back and forth.

Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Sports Earphone

6mm graphene diaphragms in the DACOM earbuds, provides with one of a kind sound, that will be enjoyable and truly satisfying. With the help of the CVC 6.0 noise cancelling technology, you’ll fully dive into the world of music. Another convenient and loved by many feature, is the V4.1 Bluetooth installed with a CSR8635 chip, which allows you to connect them to any mobile device within 10 meters away. Wireless feature is extremely handy!

Graphene Sports Earphone

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A microphone is built in for hands free talking, and you can easily control the volume, song, call answering, with the easily reachable remote. 100mAh li-ion battery is built in, that can last for up to 8 hours of music listening time and up to 160 hours in standby mode.

DACOM L06 Bluetooth In-ear Sports Earphones are great not only for those who live an active lifestyle, but for everyday use as well. They are comfy and trendy, with loud and crisp sound. Price of these earphones is one of the best yet, and is extremely reasonable compared to many others offered.

Bluetooth In-ear Graphene Sports Earphone

Noise Cancelling Sports Earphone