D-Link Ultra WiFi Powerful Wireless USB AC1900 Adapter

Wi-Fi internet connection completely changed the way we use internet. We no longer need cumbersome Ethernet cables and static desktops computers to connect to the virtual world. Moreover, WiFi is further improved by the introduction of the newest AC standard. But not all laptops and smartphones support this newest feature, and often you can not take full advantage of super fast internet connection. Besides, sometimes even a regular Wi-Fi signal is weak, most of the time right when you need your connection to be as smooth as possible.

This is where the newest D-Link AC1900 WiFi USB Adapter comes into play. Not only is it capable to support AC1900 standard and its ultra fast 1900 Mbps connection speed, but it will significantly improve your device’s internet connection by improving Wireless signal reception.

D-Link AC1900 WiFi USB Adapter uses far more convenient USB 3.0 connection to route its super fast connection speeds onto your device. Extremely compact and ready to carry, this device looks like something out of science fiction movie, but rest be assured it is a practical solution for an every day connection issues.

D-Link Ultra Wi-Fi USB Adapter

Spherical in shape, it has a diameter of 80mm, but despite its shape it is not easily rolled over thanks to the flat bottom and a small ring of gripping rubber. This device is fully backward compatible with older types of Wi-Fi networks. Together with its signal improvement capabilities, compact size and extremely simple installation process, D-Link AC1900 Wi-Fi USB Adapter is the perfect substitute for the substandard built in Wi-Fi adapters in most portable devices.