Cute LED Night Light with lighting Indicator

We all want to make our homes a tab bit more appealing with different interior décor. One of the most popular place to decorate, is our living rooms. People turn to different accessories and one of them is night lights. There are different kinds on the market with a very wide variety, but in this review, we have chosen to observe the KWB Very Cute LED Night Light 4PCS with Indicator to show lighting status.

LED Night Light with lighting Indicator

This nightlight is unique in design, bringing only pleasure and positive emotions to everyone in the room. Design of this night light remind that of a cute and sweet mushroom. In size it is about 4.17 x 4.17 x 4.25 inches, not too big and not too small. Weight of it is only 900 grams, making it easy to move around if needed to do so.

Very Cute LED Night Light 4PCS

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The lamp itself is made out of soft and pleasant to the touch, silicone material. Silicone material makes the lamp great, since it can be used to relieve stress. One can just press and pinch the lamp, and it is made to recover after each squish.

Sleeping mode is also a convenient feature of this night light. Once set to sleeping mode, the indicator light will turn red. After that, the light will be bright for 10 minutes, and turn off. If it senses any kind of motion, it will turn back on. Another mode is available for this night light, it is the vibration one. Button on the light needs to be switched to AUTO, then the night light uses the sensors to change the lighting between mid brightness, high brightness and off.

The lamp itself is powered by an 1200mAh battery, that once it is charged to the fullest which takes about three to six hours, it can be used for up to ten to fifteen hours. There are light indicators, Green lights up when the battery is less than 10 percent, and the light flashes. When placed on charge, the light turns to red, and once fully charged that light goes off.

This KWB cute light is a great item for children and even adults. It can help relieve stress and provide with a calm atmosphere.

Cute LED Night Light
lighting Indicator

Cute LED Night Light with lighting Indicator