Cubot X19 S Smartphone Review and Price

Usually, the mobile phone manufacturers compete to make their products more attractive than their competitors. This is not an exception. I think the manufacturer believes that simplicity is the best style. So, the design is simple but attractive to a certain extent. In this top of the phone, there is a small black bezel instead of big notches. As a result, the phone gets a specific look than others.

The ration of screen to body is lower. But that does not bring an unpleasant appearance. Instead, the device gets an impressive look than the contemporary phones with same styles. The rear panel is also simple with a plastic frame. but the frame is glazy and can hold your attention for a long time. Do not worry about the quality of the plastic. This is a durable plastic that can prevent scratches and bumps to a certain level.

Besides, the display is five point nine three inches – large indeed. IT comes with 1080X2160 pixels. Therefore, you are getting some clearer views. And also you can enjoy music, videos or play some HD games on the screen. But despite being a budget phone, the display is standard and you cannot expect more than also will get a notification light on the top right of the display. It will bleep periodically until you check the notifications.


The first issue is the appearance. Actually, if the outlook is not standard, you cannot be satisfied with the phone. At times, you need a smarter outlook and this phone has the same feature that you desire. If you check the box, it will appear simple with a logo of Cubot X19. The backside of the box contains the specs in brief to provide a comprehensive idea to the users. Besides, you will get some accessories like data cable cum charger, charging adapter, a transparent back cover, user manual, etc.

Camera and Software

There are two cameras on the rear part of the phone while the flashlight is right beneath the cameras. The front camera is 8MP to have some best selfies while the rear camera is 16MP. Cubot X19 is armed with MediaTek Helio P23 alongside an Octa-Core CPU for faster performance. If you are a gamer, this is a masterpiece for your upcoming gaming. download the games from Google play store and enjoy. Cubot X19 supports 2G, 3G and 4G network with variations of GSM, WCDMA and FDD-LTE. Besides, you can connect the phone to Wi-Fi and wireless connections using the Bluetooth, GPS and other mechanisms.

The hardware This budget smartphone owns the hardware which are not adorable but provides you an optimum performance. Besides, you will find the fingerprint sensors in the middle of the body in the rear part. It Has the volume and power buttons on the right side of the body while the sim tray and micro SD slot is on the left. Since most of the people are right-handed, the volume and power button on the right side is convenient for them. And as you do not need to open the sim slot frequently, that is on the left part of the phone body.

CUBOT X19 4G Phablet

The three point five millimeter audio jack is located on the top of the phone while the USB port is on the bottom. This is a USB Type-C port and you can use for either charging the device or to transfer data to a computer. Speaker and microphone is also on the bottom. The USB port is on the center while the speaker and microphone are beside this port. In general, the hardware of this phone is up to the industry standard and can provide a smooth experience. Battery and performance :