CSA96 4K Smart TV Box Android Mini PC

There is not a family that does not enjoy watching TV. With that, just about everyone has turned to different gaming consoles, projectors and TV boxes for viewing in high quality just about everything. TV boxes are rather affordable with good specs, just like the one that we have reviewed, CSA96 4K Smart TV Box Android Mini PC.

Delicate design of this TV box in either a silver or black color is one of the first attributes that captures attention. In size, this TV box is rather compact being about 4.21 x 4.21 x 0.79 inches, and 150 grams. Dual Cortex-A72 plus Quad Cortex-A53 processors on this CSA96 TV box offer a smooth, steady and high-speed viewing experience. Mali-T864 graphics processing unit will make all images bright and colorful, with sharpness and clarity, with support of video quality up to 4K resolution.

This graphics processing unit is one of the most modern among all others installed in TV boxes. Another feature that adds to the smoothness of entire experience is the 4GB DDR3 RAM. Standard TV boxes are usually powered by a 3GB, which makes them slower and often crash and freeze. With 32GB eMMC memory capacity, this Android 6.0 TV box is sure to provide with plenty of storage space for all of your movies, as well as other apps that can be installed onto it from the Android market.

CSA96 Android TV Box

With WiFi bands of 2.4GHz up to 5GHz and 802.11ac support, this TV box can transmit speed up t 1300Mbps. It also supports and offers unique USB 3.0 and Type C ports for fast transmission rates. CSA96 TV box has another interesting feature. It supports 3D games for a full-on experience. The package also includes a remote control that is powered by two AAA batteries. With the remote control, one will not even have to leave their sitting area for switching channels, changing the volume and so on. CSA96 TV box is affordable in price for the specifications that it offers. It will provide with a convenient, entertaining and enjoyable experience for the entire family. It is easy to install and control, and will run smoothly and quickly.

Smart TV Box Android Mini PC