Nice Shaped Educational App Control Smart Toy Robot for Kids

All you will need is a robot doing something which’s interesting to another person, while it’s visiting new locations. The fun starts the moment you open the Anki Cozmo box and begin to create your own pup! Anki Cozmo is a fun educational Robot that would be perfect for Kids. The robot is very easy to use, because it features a beginner-friendly interface. Due to this, you and your kid will be able to learn how to code in no time, while having a lot of fun. Additionally, with the explorer mode you will be able to see things from the robot’s perspective. It’s only one of the really fun ways that it is possible to interact with your Anki Cozmo robot.

The setup is easy, just get an iOS or Android compatible device, download the Cozmo app and enjoy games, codes, and so much more. Furthermore, made of durable materials, it will be able to enjoy your company for long time. With this educational toy you child will be able to learn and have fun simultaneously. The Anki Cozmo robot is a little, vehicular character with a huge personality! After all, if a robot will have character, it ought to reach out to it’s human friends from time to time.

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