Vaja Cases Protective Premium Leather Cover for MacBook

Have a MacBook, but do not know what kind of cover to choose to protect it from scratches and dust? If so, then you will probably like – on the market, there is the Leather Wrap Cover designed by Vaja Cases especially for your Macbook.
The accessory comes in two colors. When picking one, you will be offered to choose between London or Bridge Black. Even though the case adheres to the surface of the gadget, you shouldn’t worry about your MacBook being smudged.
Leather cover comes with a reusable backing that doesn’t leave any sticky stains.

Being made of genuine leather the cover by itself looks very natural. A handcrafted construction along with its durable materials delivers excellent protection to your device. The holes on the back side of the case will prevent your gadget from overheating. So you shouldn’t worry about it starting to lag in the course of long-term use.
Unlike many other similar covers, this one provides a streamlined fit that makes it look very elegant and fancy. Get one to have your device dressed well!

Premium Leather Cover for MacBook