Cordless Rechargeable Water Flosser Oral Dental Irrigator

If you are needing a high-quality water flossing device, then you have come to the correct place. We all know the rule of brushing twice a day, and flossing our teeth, however, it is often not enough and we still have visits to the dentist with all kinds of problems. In that case, it is time to turn to a water flosser. There are different types of water flossers, but the most convenient, are cordless ones. In this review, we will observe specs and features of Vellepro Cordless Rechargeable Water Flosser Professional Oral Dental Irrigator.

If you are looking for a cordless water flosser that is also easy to bring along with you on different travels, then this one is ideal for such. First of all, it has a compact and comfortable size of just 3.0 X 2.7 X 8.0 inches with a weight of only 15.2 ounces. Storage bag that is included for you in the bundle, allows the flosser to effortlessly fit into it, protecting it from damage, dust and so on. Such measurements make it easy to place into any bag, that you could take along with you when travelling.

Water Flosser Oral Dental Irrigator

If you are still in doubt about the purchase of a portable dental oral irrigator, then known that with this item, you will have healthy teeth and gums. With the high pressure of the water, areas where you could not reach before, will be cleaned out. Up to 99.99 percent of plaque will be removed, which means your teeth will be cleaner, and breath will be much fresher. Pressure of the water can reach up to 1700 times per minute, and the 360-degree rotatable nozzle helps deep clean. With that being said, three different cleaning modes are actually provided, so choosing the ideal one for your mouth and gums is not a problem. One has the option of normal, soft or pulse.

Professional Oral Dental Irrigator

Using it is extremely and safe as well, which is important. With the press of just one button, you will be able to control it, and after 120 seconds, for your safety, it will shut down automatically. Four different nozzles of various colors are provided in the package, and a separate storage container for the ones that are not being used. The reservoir is 200 ml in water capacity, which is enough for you to continuously use for 50 seconds in high pressure mode.

When the machine is not being used, it needs to be cleaned out, which can be done easily, as the water tank detaches. On the side, there is a drain hole, for water vapor to escape and not build up.

Oral Dental Irrigator

Charging the device, can be done via a USB charger and cable, that are also provided in the package. Charging volt of the rechargeable water flosser is 5V. The great part about this item, is that it is truly FDA approved, and safe for the entire family. 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed, allows the user to return it for full money back if they are not liking it and the results after a clean with the home and travel waterproof oral irrigator.

Bring your attention to the Vellepro cordless water flosser and the features that it offers. This USB rechargeable water flosser has a price that is not too high, quite reasonable and affordable. It is safe, powerful and will help keep your gums and teeth in a great state. Keep the dentist away with this professional jet tips teeth cleaner in your home!

Vellepro Cordless Rechargeable Water Flosser
Professional Oral Dental Irrigator

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