Best and Convenient Slipper for iMac

We’ve written about numerous protective accessories for smartphones, tablets and laptops. But it seems like we left out a rather popular kind of digital devices – monoblock PCs. These massive computers, for example, iMac, may have some issues with tangling cables or stands scratching the surface of your table. To prevent these problems, we have a great accessory for your iMac – Cable Guy from the company Burning Love.

Cable Guy is a fantastic organizational and protective solution for iMac. The slipper is very soft and nice to touch because it’s made of high-quality wool felt. Every stitch on the slipper is done with precision and attention. As a result, the stand of your iMac is securely concealed in a very elegant slipper. This is also very convenient for moving the PC on the table – the stand, wrapped in this wool accessory, slides smoothly on your desk and doesn’t leave any marks or scratches. Besides, Burning Love offers a broad range of colours for its products, including classic gray and black or exotic orange and purple.

But that’s not it. Cable Guy can be an improvement in terms of organization. Tangling cable problems are easily solved with this accessory. Due to this slipper, power strip and power supply units are concealed under your desk. Plus, there’s a leather stripe that goes across the slipper. The stripe serves as an additional organizational element – it securely holds your business cards and documents, so that you could immediately reach for them whenever you need something.

So, if you need a sleek and helpful accessory for your iMac, Cable Guy is an excellent choice for you. With this slipper, you’ll never be bothered with cables and the whole look of your iMac will be even more pleasant.

Convenient Slipper for iMac