Very Convenient Portable Blender to Make Juice and Smoothie

If you don’t find out how to use blender whatsoever, there are lots of sites where you could learn. If you’re looking for the very best battery operated blender, then you’ve come to the proper location. So, want to lead a healthier lifestyle? Try out the Household Electric Food Processor. This gadget is a very convenient juice and smoothie maker which simply operates with hand, and would allow you to make delicious smoothies in the morning for a super energized day.

The blender is likewise very easy to wash and has some parts which can be cleaned in a dish washer. This juice maker run at a rather large speed so it’s essential to get yourself a blender that’s sturdy, and  also includes a cup that appears very excellent. Don’t forget, hand-blender is a rather utile in regards to mixing small quantity of ingredients.

Portable Blender to Make Juice and Smoothie

The electric food processor works from pressing which allows for more control over your actions and also involves some physical exercise in the morning. 6 leaf blade spiral heads ensure the food is nicely chopped while preserving all the microelements. Due to vortex stirring system, the electric food processor can play juice without pouring water. The 500W copper motor ensures fast and efficient spinning. The capacity of the processor is 450 ml, it would even fit two smoothies. It’s also effective portable blender for travel! When it is new, you will need to wash your blender before using it. Enjoy your mornings even more!


    • 6 leaf blade
    • Vortex stirring system
    • make your juice even without water
    • 500W / 30000 rpm high-speed pure copper motor
    • Voltage: 220V
    • Wattage: 500W

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