Consumer’s Choice of Mobile Accessories

On the market today there are generally 3 ranges of mobile accessories available in Apple stores and mobile chain stores of major markets: Premium, Functional, Entry level.

Premium range. Let’s say that license brands and high-end accessories for top smartphone brands have always been on the market and will be. Considering the smartphone sales growth, the luxury sector doesn’t rise or fall on average. As a matter of fact, percentage-wise it always has just about the same level.

Functional products. Why do we see in 2016 so-called middle-end accessories for smartphones, tablets and laptops so rarely ?
First of all, what does middle-end mean ? that is all about the price. They still exist but this sector drifted towards functionality, meaning that functional products entered the middle-end sector and substituted “boring accessories”.

So, consumers don’t want to pay more money for a brand if it’s not justified, but they’re ready to pay the extra for functionality, design or uniqueness.

Why are there so many cheap accessories for expensive mobile devices? One of the reasons may be the fact that expensive smartphones, like iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy, Sony, etc., became affordable for many people. Even if you don’t have cash, you can buy a smartphone or a tablet by installment or by contract with a mobile phone provider.

But if people don’t have enough money for an expensive phone, they will spare money on expensive accessories. As a result, sales of cheap accessories grow. But because the competition is really high, everybody expects low prices. Obviously, some brands suffer from that but consumer satisfaction is main priority.

To sum it up, observing the situation on the mobile device accessory market, we can say that the market isn’t going to change in the nearest time. We probably will see a lot of interesting gadgets, bags and backpacks with unique features until the market is overfilled with new gadgets, and we also may see new brands which pay attention only to functionality with obvious advantages. But for the time being we observe on the market new brands with one or two unique products in their line-up.