How to Connect Tablet or Laptop to TV with HDMI Adapter

Often, we want to connect different devices to large monitors, or two side by side ones. For example, often tablets and computers are connected to TVs, or two computers are connected as one screen. In order to properly do so, often HDMI adapters are needed. In this review, we will observe the specifications and features of the Vention VAA-S20 HDMI adapter which connect different Mobile devices, such as Tablets to PC or to TV.

Vention VAA - S20 1080P Adapter

This HDMI adapter is extremely compact in size with dimensions of 10.50 x 6.00 x 2.00 cm and a weight of just 100 grams. Such a size attracts many, since they can bring it to work, school and other needed places without any problem.

It is made out of durable aluminum alloy material, which is made with quality and is surely long lasting. This HDMI adapter is fixed with licensed HDMI/HDCP technology protection. It also provides with image quality of 1080 pixels, as well as 4K X 2K pixel resolution. Through this adapter, images are still sharp and clear, and do not lose their quality.

Connect Tablet or Laptop to TV

As well as that, 4K high speed is also guaranteed. For full convenience, this HDMI adapter has a great memory function. When devices are plugged in, this adapter has an LED status light, that allows you to know which port is being used at that time and that it is powered up.

In addition to all that, the Vention adapter has double audio link which is independent. This HDMI adapter is compatible with just about any device, including MacBooks. It has an output port, MHL/Input 3 port, Input 2 port, and Input 1 port. This is convenient, as you will not need to plug out your device each time you want to connect another one. You can just plug it into the next port!

Vention VAA-S20 HDMI adapter, is an item that is basically a must have. It makes it possible to transmit content from a smaller device to a larger one quickly and with no problem. It is compact in size, beautiful in appearance in its black/bronze color, and long lasting with its durability. Price of it is affordable and reasonable as well!

Vention 1080P 4K x 2K HDCP HDMI Adapter,
HDMI 2.0, 4K video quality
Connect different devices: Tablet or Laptop to TV

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