Conduct – Innovative Wallpaper with Built-In Wiring System

Usually, wiring in houses is installed inside the walls – that’s safer, neater and more organized. However, there is an interesting alternative. Two companies, Flavor Paper and UM Project, successfully collaborated and made up a concept of new wallpaper called Conduct. The project was shown at NYCxDesign festival in New York.

Conduct is a completely new way of providing electricity to house appliances. On the outside, Conduct looks like regular wallpaper but it can actually power different devices just by touching them. This becomes possible due to a grid of electrically conductive ink that covers the wallpaper. As soon as some appliance touches the wall, it starts working. The founder of Flavor Paper John Sherman said that using conductive ink for this purpose is very promising – it can have numerous applications in entertainment and inspire new designer ideas.

innovative wallpaper

Right now, Conduct is simply a designer concept, so it’s too early to make any predictions about the fate of this project. Still, the idea of having a power source without any cables is pretty innovative. Hopefully, this concept will be seen in the nearest future.