Where to Buy Completely Bendable FHD Screen Tablet Phone

Royole FlexPai Foldable Tablet is a very curios and original device that will absolutely draw attention to you wherever you go. Why is that? Because this is a smartphone tablet that can bend.  The gadget we are featuring here is a pre-sale model with a not finally defined price, so perhaps you will be able to get a creative gadget for a good bargain.

The tablet is super light and ultra-thin and is equipped with Royole fully flexible Cicada Wing Display. So, essentially, this is why the device is able to bend and twist so easily. It will support up to 200,000 times of bending and will not break easily. When unfolded, the gadget resembles a conventional tablet. When folded it supports dual screens that can carry out separate but simultaneous tasks, and can also be used bent at multiple viewing angles, such as a bedside alarm clock or to watch video.

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Furthermore, due to this highly flexible design, this gadget can easily adapt to all your basic daily needs. You can change the positioning and feel comfortable any time. And if we look at the internal core, it is also quite good. So, the bending tablet has 8GB + 512GB oversized memory and Qualcomm Dragon 8150 flagship machine platform.

Together, they will provide operational excellence and good user experience. Stay on top of the game, do not worry about froze. By the way, the bending smartphone also supports fingerprint ID to protect your data. Running along the rear of the FlexPai is a hinge, where you’re able to bend the device in half as though you’re closing a book. No matter the considered the very first smartphone foldable, it’s also one of the first tablet devices with Snapdragon 8150 processor.

  • Model :Royole FlexPai 1201D
  • SM8150 2.8GHz CPU
  • 7.8 inch AMOLED screen
  • 1920 × 1440 display resolution
  • Pixel density: 308PPI
  • 6GB RAM
  • 128GB ROM
  • Cameras: 16MP + 20MP
  • WLAN, Bluetooth:Support
  • Multi-screen interaction
  • Type-C
  • Size: 134mm*190.35*7.6mm
  • Weight: 320g
  • Double Nano SIM Cards
  • 3800mAh battery capacity
  • Charge : 5V/5A type-C
  • Network: 2G, 3G, 4G

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Royole FlexPai Foldable Tablet Smartphone
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