Compact Urban Nylon Bag Casual School Backpack

Backpacks have always been popular but now when people prefer to have qualitative and comfortable things, backpacks can be at the first place for different reasons. This compact urban nylon Bag Tigernu Casual School Backpack 15.6 17 Inch is not an exception. Study the review of this Compact Urban Nylon Bag Casual School Backpack and check why it is the one of the right bags for both trips or school, especially for carrying different devices and gadgets. Though the price of this bag isn’t high it can be a good investment for a long time. It is its first great advantage.

Casual School Backpack

The next thing we need to mention is its laconic design which follows a certain aim. The stitching is solid throughout the whole bad and the seams are hidden and secure. The main zipper includes the exclusive double layers which provide you with anti-thief features. Moreover the Tigernu selected nylon fabric is prevention strong, extremely sturdy and durable and what is more makes this backpack waterproof. So you can be sure that your valuable gadgets are safe and sound. These characteristics make this bag unique.

Besides this backpack is perfect for keeping and carrying your devices, because there are 2 sizes available, which depend on the screen size of your laptop. The measurements for 15inch laptops are 26cm (width) * 35 cm (height). And it also suits 17inch laptops because in this case its measurements are 28cm (width) * 39 cm (height).

There are no massive details but this backpack is really comfy for everyday usage. Firstly the padded shoulder straps and the foam padded back are made with care to your health. Even carrying some heavy things your back and shoulders won’t hurt.

Compact Urban Nylon Bag Casual School BackpackOne more peculiarity of this rucksack is its pockets. You have enough pockets to put all your details and small things around the whole bag. Two front zipper pockets give you freedom to carry everything what you need for a quick access. There is an exclusive back hidden pocket for valuables. The bag also includes a side pocket with net for access to water bottle. Inside the bag there is also a capacity for different ways to organize your things.

Tigernu T-B3032 is a perfect friend for travelling and for everyday usage. Your things will always be in safety. Buy and enjoy the usage of this stylish backpack.

Tigernu Compact Waterproof Urban Nylon Bag
Casual School Backpack (1,6 inch and 17 inch)

Compact Urban Nylon School Backpack