Carry Your Luggage Handsfree for Comfort Travel

How many times have you travelled and felt annoyed by the luggage you constantly have to pull behind you? Your arm starts to ache as you walk through the large airports, constantly paranoid that you will leave your luggage somewhere accidently, and you can’t have a cup of coffee on the go without using your only free hand. And what if you have two luggages that you need to pull?

The RetraStrap will be your solution to carry your luggage handsfree and travel with comfort. It is designed for you to pull your luggage hands free. It will reduce your travel stress significantly as you wouldn’t need to be weighed down by the heavy luggage as well as reducing your muscle ache. But not only does it allow you to carry your luggage hand free it also prevents thieves from stealing your bag and you from forgetting it somewhere. For more information you may check out this gadget on kickstarter (official Video).