Color Changing LED Light Projection Nature Sounds Player

This all-in-one Night light projector and music player will be a perfect tool to make any room breathe with life and spirit. It is equipped with 12 built-in LED lights which provide you with a bright and broad projection effect. Additionally, it has 8 light modes which differ in colour and rotation and as a result create unique and vivid atmosphere. The lamp has music playback function, so you can enjoy either one of in-built sound modes or play music directly from your phone or laptop. Play music background music can really help you concentrate on work. Most folks prefer using nature sounds since they are extremely soothing and they don’t force you to shift your focus from the words.

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The device also features TF slot, so you can download your favourite music on it and play it from the device directly. Moreover you can set an automatic turn off timer, so the lamp doesn’t work all night long and does not waste too much energy. You can control all the functions via remote control system. So it is extremely functional but also quite easy to use. When you pick your party lights, it’s a fantastic gadget.

LED Light Projection Nature Sounds Player

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