Chrome OS Is Coming to Tablets

ChromeOS had a truly ground-breaking previous year. Chromebooks have been out for a while now but only in 2016 these laptops starts supporting Google Play and Android apps. Now, all Chromebooks are compatible with Google Play. However, 2017 may be an even bigger year for ChromeOS.

During a special press conference, Rajen Sheth, the Google’s director of product for Android and Chrome for education and enterprise, stated that laptops aren’t going to be the only device fitted with ChromeOS – we may soon see “Chrometablets”. Right now, there are a lot of so-called convertible Chromebooks, like Asus Flip. These devices have a touchscreen display, so they can be used as tablets without detaching the keyboard. But according to Sheth, in the future the ChromeOS line-up will feature not only laptops with detachable keyboards but also regular tablets. They will basically have the same features available and used mostly for web browsing.

Apparently, Google is really serious about fitting other mobile devices with their speedy ChromeOS. Of course, Google once made one tablet, called Pixel C, but it wasn’t that successful. In any case, a tablet combining Android apps and a desktop-level, top-class browser doesn’t sound bad at all. Some sources even say that such product may be a contender for iPad.

ChromeOS for Tablets