Chinese Robot Dentist Performed the First Surgery

Robots aren’t the technology of the future anymore. They are used in numerous spheres of our life and some of them can be just as smart and skilled as a people. For example, Chinese engineers built a robot dentist which is already working and curing people’s teeth. In fact, the robot just performed its first surgery – the robot put in a new set of teeth for one lucky patient.

The development of this robot took quite a well. Because this is a very delicate matter and there are people’s lives at stake, making the software for this robot took 5 years in order to eliminate any errors and flaws. The result was more than impressive – the surgery was completed successfully with 0.2mm margin for error.

Of course, the surgery was supervised by qualified surgeons and other medical specialists but the robot didn’t need their help. After only an hour, the surgery was over.

These robots could be a great solution for highly populated countries where all dentists couldn’t possibly attend to all patients. Now, new teeth can be printed on a 3D printer and then used as an implant.