Charging Laptop Anti-Theft USB Backpack for City Life

When living the busy and active city lifestyle, you not only want to live up to the fashion but be as maximum comfortable. We perfectly understand that, and with that being said would like to recommend to you an item that will change your life in the city. Here’s the review of the KINGSONS Charging Laptop Anti-Theft Backpack with USB Charging Port.

This backpack is suitable for men and women who would love to achieve those standards. The heavy duty nylon material, which comes in two colors for your liking: Black and Red, is the perfect design just for you. The backpack comes in three different size options, depending on what you would like best. 13 inches, 15 inches, and 17 inches, are all three sizes that will fit all of your necessities. Not counting that, it comes in two models types. Model A is of a larger size, has two zippers, has a separate zipper and computer compartment, and the usb charging port is located on the right side of the backpack.

Anti-theft waterproof Laptop Backpack USB Charging Port

On the other hand, model B is just about the opposite. The model B backpack is somewhat smaller, has one zipper, a scalable design, a computer compartment and the USB charging port is located on the left side of the backpack. Which ever model you choose, it will be perfect for you and you will easily fit your laptop and other items.

One wonderful feature is the back side of the backpack has four reflective signs, which will provide safety in the darker part of the day. The nylon fabric on this backpack, makes it scratch proof and water repellent which will provide maximum protection of your items. The external USB charging port will give you the option to charge your phone at any given time or place.

The adjustable straps help make the backpack work for anyone of any height or body complexion. Overall, this backpack is elite, stylish and provides a great amount of comfort and space. If you are in need of those specifications, you definitely might want to check out the KINGSONS Charging Laptop Anti-Theft Backpack with USB Charging Port.

Water Repellent Charging Laptop Anti-Theft USB Backpack
up to 17 Inches with USB Charging Port

Anti-theft Laptop Backpack waterproof USB Charging Port