New Fastest Charging Technology for Power Banks

We’ve all heard about QuickCharge technology – it allows the battery in any mobile device to charge more quickly. Many processor manufacturers, like Qualcomm or MediaTek, fit their products with this technology. As a result, mobile devices with these processors are compatible with QuickCharge. Obviously, this is a useful feature but in the future charging may take even less time.

Nature Communications journal published a very interesting research made by scientists from Universities of Bath and Illinois. After a series of experiments and simulations, the team came to a conclusion – the charging speed of all batteries, used in modern smartphones and tablets, can be increased.


This will be possible if we add charged metal atoms to tunnel structures. During experiments, scientists used charged potassium and magnesium dioxide. The latter had the required type of structure, so adding charged potassium in there resulted in a boost in battery performance and quicker charging.

It turned out that charged ions of potassium led to conductivity improvements and faster lithium ions movements. This, obviously, is what makes the charging speed even higher. In any case, if this technology is developed and realized properly, we may see lithium-ion batteries not only in smartphones or tablets but even in electric cars.

QuickCharge technology