Charging Case for iPhone Coming Soon

Today, there are so many charging accessories for iPhones that it’s hard to choose. Charging docks, power banks and other devices are in a great demand. Apple has even produced a charging case for their new iPhone 7 but like all Apple-made devices, it’s pretty expensive. However, there’s a more affordable option that’s coming out soon – the iMod modular iPhone case.

It’s difficult for many companies to start their business making charging devices, especially with such mighty competitors. But for the iMod there seems to be a very bright future. The details about the case are still unknown but we have the general information. The iMod is a nicely designed protective case, very thin and stylish. Its main feature is, of course, charging. There are 5 different options to choose from, each one has specific characteristics to fit your charging needs (Air for wireless charging, Volta for longer battery life, and so on).

To monitor the process of charging there’s a special app, available in AppStore. The case fits the latest iPhone models: 6, 6s and 7. By the way, although there’s no information about the date of the iMod’s release, you can sign up for a pre-order now to get a 35% discount.

All things considered, we have to admit that iMod case  is a very promising product, although it will be hard to compete with the iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case. Nevertheless, we hope that iMod will find their rightful place on the market.

iMod case for iPhone 7

iMod case for iPhone 7