Unique and Functional Charging Sleeve for MacBook

Today, the market is filled with power banks but most of them are usually used for charging smartphones and tablets. There are some that can charge a laptop but these power banks are usually too big and heavy. But there is an accessory that can solve this problem.

It’s called Laer and it’s a multi-functional laptop sleeve. It can be used for its usual purpose – carrying the computer and serving as a stand for comfortable work on the go. However, the main feature of Laer is a built-in battery with a capacity of 5 000 to 20 000mAh. With this external battery on board, users can charge smartphones, tablets and even laptops.

Charging Bag for MacBook

Other features of the bag include a special area for contactless charging of smartphones and an integrated Bluetooth module. The latter allows you to synchronize Laer with your mobile device and monitor the charging process.

At the moment, the creators of this hi-tech laptop bag are collecting money on Indiegogo to start the mass production of Laer. People can pre-order the bag now with a discount and wait for its delivery next spring.