Gadget That Charge Your Mobile Devices From Fire

BioLite is famous for their functional traveling equipment. Besides, in their line-up you can find some interesting, even smart products. One of them is CampStove – this is actually a portable stove where you light a fire which provides power for charging your mobile devices if you’re camping somewhere. But just yesterday, the company launched a second edition of this product – BioLite CampStove 2 Wood Burning and USB Charging Camping Stove.
The upgraded of version features some LED indicator lights which signal the user about how strong the fire is, how much charge is left and the airflow level. All the energy, received from fire, is stored in a 2.600mAh battery. In the time of need, users can connect their mobile devices to the USB-port and charge them in the wilderness. CampStove 2 has been improved in this area – the USB-port gives off 3W of power. This obviously means that charging will be faster.
The working principle of CampStove gadget goes like this: a thermoelectric generator gathers the energy from fire. Then, the energy is divided: one half powers the fan (air is required to support fire) while the other is used for charging devices.
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