Changes on macOS Sierra, Apple OS Updates

After the launch of the new iOS, Apple brought some good news for MacBook and iMac users. The initial update for their MAC OS Sierra that became available in September. The new version has been tested for a month and users got to see it before the official release due to 5 beta-versions. The final one can already be downloaded in Mac App Store.

Main changes of macOS Sierra aren’t very obvious and noticeable, they mostly concern fixing bugs of the old version and improving its productivity and stability. There is support of the new Portrait feature of the iPhone 7 Plus that was added in iOS 10.1, and also a few specific features were included for new MacBook and MacBook Pro models (announced on the 27/10).

Apparently, the updated version will be installed on new Apple laptops. They are expected to be available for sale in the first half of November.