Cega launches mainnet on Solana to deliver safer, high-yield opportunities for crypto retail investors

SINGAPORE–()–Cega Finance (“Cega”) announced its mainnet launch on the Solana blockchain today. Cega is the first decentralized finance (“DeFi”) exotic structured products protocol and creates investment vaults that offer principal protection and high yields.

After a successful devnet launch which attracted over 25K unique users, crypto retail investors can officially begin investing in Cega vaults. Cega is launching four vaults that trade fixed coupon note products including one vault that is exclusively available to Cega NFT holders.

Given recent market conditions, Cega investment vaults were designed carefully to help investors stay safe and manage their assets responsibly. Vaults offer principal protection against severe market movements up to a 90% price drop. This means that even if the crypto market falls by 90% in the next 30 days, investors do not lose their principal while still collecting the high yield.

Cega’s inaugural vaults are:

Vault 1: “Cruise Control”

Underlying: BTC-ETH

Price Protection: 90% protected

Indicative APY: 8%

Vault 2: “Genesis Basket”

Underlying: BTC-ETH-SOL

Price Protection: 90% protected

Indicative APY: 12%

Vault 3: “Gotta Go Fast”

Underlying: BTC-ETH-SOL

Price Protection: 50% protected

Indicative APY: 80%

Vault 4: “Insanic”

Underlying: ETH-SOL-AVAX

Price Protection: 50% protected

Indicative APY: 200%

Note: To access this vault, users need to be holding a Cega Super Sanic utility NFT, available on Magic Eden.

Cega’s experience is extremely simple:

Visit app.cega.fi

Connect Phantom wallet

Pick a Cega vault trading strategy

Deposit USDC

Cega also launched its utility NFT collection last week called Cega Super Sanics. The collection was launched through an exclusive agreement with Magic Eden and was completely sold out in less than two hours. NFT holders gain special benefits on mainnet launch day by receiving exclusive access to Vault 4. Other benefits include preferred access to new trading strategies, invitations to online and offline events, surprise swag drops, and airdrop boosting.

About Cega:

Cega is the first decentralized finance (“DeFi”) exotic structured products protocol that creates vaults for investors which are safe and high yielding. We develop advanced mathematical models to create structures that offer compounding returns and price protection against market crashes. Cega is focused on yield transparency and all trading strategies are USDC deposited and generate USDC yield.

To learn more, please visit: https://cega.gitbook.io/cega/


win@cega.fi (contact for press inquiries)