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Regular Drones Might Be Used as Snipers


American company Duke Robotics uses modern technologies to make interesting devices. For example, the TIKAD system, recently introduced by the company, allows installing guns onto quadcopter and drones. In fact, it can be any kind of fire weapon (machine gun, sniper rifle, etc.) as long as the weight is appropriate. The patented TIKAD system [...]

BangGood 11th Anniversary Best Discount Online Shopping


One of the best biggest and popular online stores BangGood celebrates its 11th anniversary and provides super big discounts for products from more than 200 brands (Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei, CHUWI, LeEco, EMAX…etc). Promotion period will expire on middle of September. The time of long queues and high prices is over – online shopping has taken [...]

Mi Qicycle Mountain Bike New Xiaomi Smart Bicycle


Apart from many other devices, Xiaomi makes smart bicycles. Now, the company added another new product to the line-up. It’s called Mi Qicycle Mountain Bike packing many different smart functions. Here is brief review. Built-in GPS allows tracking the location of the bike. Besides, the bicycle is connected to a smartphone with a proprietary app [...]

Wireless Game Controller for Mobile Mini Bluetooth Gamepad


Many of us enjoy playing games on computers, smartphones and tablets. At the same time, there are special devices, known as gaming consoles, which provide an even better experience. In fact, you can combine both of these things by using a compact gamepad for mobile devices. Today, we’re going to review one of the best Mini Bluetooth Gamepad [...]

Razer Introduced the Best Mouse for Gamers


The company Razer, a well-known company that makes high-end gaming devices, introduced a new product – a wireless mouse for laptops called Atheris. According to company’s representatives, the mouse has highest energy efficiency in the world and works without delays. The optical mouse sensor outputs 7200 DPI which is among the highest numbers [...]

New Technology and Gadgets


Here is a review about new technology and gadgets industry. A good accessory means that it can complement or fully enhance the functionality of the product that it aims to go with. Although the whole world has been loving smartphones and they’re quite promising in terms of usability, they aren’t invincible, hence there are still accessories [...]

Coupon Deals Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Phablet


Coupon Deals Get discount for Xiaomi Mi Max 2 4G Phablet – GLOBAL VERSION 4GB RAM 64GB ROM BLACK. Promotion Period – coupon code deadline 31/8/2017 Coupon Code: MXGL2 Xiaomi Mi MAX 2 6.44 inch, 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Snapdragon 625 Octa Core 4G Smartphone ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ View and Buy on GearBest with Discount Main Features: Xiaomi Mi [...]

Most Power Draining Android Apps


We often complain that smartphones drain battery too quickly. However, we don’t think that the apps that we always use might be the reason. What’s more, some apps drain battery more than others. In fact, Avast studies the mobile app market quite closely publishing corresponding reports every quarter. Just recently, Avast summed up Q1 of 2017 [...]

New Panasonic Automatic Wheelchair


Panasonic, in cooperation with WHILL, has developed a self-operating automatic wheelchair for people with disabilities. The wheelchair has a very specific application – it’s designed for use in airports. The information about this device was published in the company’s press release. Here’s a further review. The chair is controlled with a [...]

Facebook Launched New Service Facebook Video Channel


During the last few months, there were rumours about Facebook expanding its video apps. Now, the rumours are confirmed – Facebook launched a new video service, or let’s say channel, called Watch. The service is called Watch provided as a video tab in mobile, desktop and television Facebook apps. The content is presented in channels (shows) [...]

Tech News, Microsoft Keyboard for iPad


Recently, an interesting rumour appeared on the Internet – Microsoft may soon release a proprietary accessory for Apple iPad. A hint to this was spotted on the documentation download page related to lithium batteries. According to available data, a description of the mysterious device called iPad Touch Cover (Model 1719) appeared on the [...]

Latest Data Apple Watch Series 3


The Internet is getting filled with more information relating to third-generation Apple Watch. Previously, various sources reported that the official release of the smartwatch may take place at the end of 2017 or in early 2018. Here is a brief review of the Bloomberg publication where some of the features of Apple Watch Series 3 became known. [...]

ASUS Most Powerful Gaming Graphics Card


In order to be the king of the gaming world, you need to have a powerful graphics card. Now, the market has plenty of great options and new ones are coming as well. For instance, AMD earlier announced its RX Vega graphics cards which might actually be the best in 2017 in terms of productivity. However, there is another player on the field – [...]

Leader of the Wearable Market – Xiaomi Smart Watches


Here is brief review of the wearable market. A couple of days ago, Apple reported its revenues in Q2 2017. From the report we learned that the Cupertino company sold thirty million Apple Watches in these period of time. The number may seem quite massive but it wasn’t enough to become the leader of the wearable market. This information came from [...]

Upcoming Release of iPhone 8


Upcoming iPhone 8 is currently the most anticipated smartphone in the world. Its presentation and release is expected in September-October. But some people doubt that Apple will do everything by this time and the smartphone will be demonstrated after a serious delay. However, according to the latest reports, the mass production of iPhone 8 has [...]

About Samsung Gear Fit 3


Apart from many other top-notch devices, Samsung has quite functional wearables. The Gear smartwatches and Gear Fit fitness trackers are pricy, but they offer excellent features for all active people. Now, a new member Gear Fit 3 is coming to the Samsung family. And here is a brief review. According to PhoneArena, Samsung is really working on a [...]

New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Photos


Blogger Evan Blass, specializing in leaks about various gadgets, published on his Twitter page a press-release of the upcoming smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which is expected to be presented at the end of August. Judging by the presented photos, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 resembles the previously presented devices Galaxy S8 and S8+ in many ways. [...]

First Solar Panel Electric Car


The idea of making a car that could charge its batteries from solar panels has been going around for quite some time. Finally, a startup Sone Motors from Germany is ready to launch the first solar panel Electric car that works from solar panels. This electric car is called Sion and its makers already raised enough money to start the mass [...]

iPhone 8 News, Apple HomePod


Brief review of the latest Apple news and rumors. A fairly well-known software developer Steven Troughton-Smith made a few interesting discoveries about Apple devices. He’s been studying the new firmware for the Apple HomePod shared some details about the wireless speaker. In particular, Troughton-Smith said that the firmware for the smart [...]

Samsung Foldable Smartphone


The rumours about flexible smartphones from Samsung have been going around the Internet for quite some time. Still, the Korean company hasn’t actually released anything. However, a mysterious smartphone, code-named Samsung Galaxy X and equipped with a foldable screen, may appear on the market between Q3 2017 and Q1 2018. Here is brief review. [...]