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Swimming Pool Electric Water Heater


Summer is just right around the corner, and many of us enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool. However, not all climates will heat the water enough for your liking and comfort. If you have a problem with freezing temperatures of your favorite summer pool, you might want to bring your attention to the 5.5KW 220V Swimming Pool & SPA Hot Tub Electric [...]

Best Budget Cordless Water Flosser for Oral Hygiene


It’s no secret that oral hygiene is extremely important for the health of the whole body. Dental diseases may have serious consequences even affecting other organs. Besides, if you take care of your teeth, you’ll have a beautiful smile which always gives a person a certain charm. Therefore, it’s essential that everyone does a few simple [...]

Fake iPhone 8 Made in China


Considering that iPhone 8 release is coming up soon (presumably, in September), the amount of rumors and leaks about the upcoming device is getting bigger and bigger. Just recently, the first unconfirmed production photos were leaked which clearly show the changed design of the smartphone. What’s more, a popular blogger DigitalChatStation [...]

Store on Wheels Is Opened in China


The Swedish company Wheelys has begun testing an autonomous mobile store Moby on the streets of Shanghai. The store called Moby is a relatively small pavilion on wheels that has place for no more than four people. The store receives energy from solar panels. To become a buyer of Moby, you need to install a special smartphone app and attach a [...]

The Best Budget Hair Clipper for Home and Professional Use


Going to a hairdresser is a pretty normal and regular procedure for all people. Wherever you feel like your hair has grown too much or you want to change your style with a new haircut, you go to a hairdressing salon. There, trained professionals are ready to make your hair look fantastic. For that, hairdressers use various instruments including [...]

Innovative Gadget – Fidget Spinner


Right now, a fidget spinner is probably the most popular toy in the world. Thousands of boys, girls and even adults spin these interesting things in their hands in order to have some fun or maybe calm their nerves. The popularity of fidget spinners caused one start-up to launch a project called 8Mode. 8Mode isn’t a regular spinner – it’s [...]

Biggest 4K TV 262-inch by C Seed


The acronym “4K” is a characteristic of impeccable visuals in any device. Now, there are smartphones, tablets and laptops that support this resolution. However, 4K is represented in the best way on wide-diagonal TVs. In fact, the Austrian company C Seed just introduced the biggest 4K TV in the world. This humongous device has a 262-inch [...]

Apple Is Working on Autopilot Car


The rumours about Apple’s self-driving vehicle project haven’t been quite clear. There was a confirmation that the company is working on its own autonomous car but without major details. Now, Tim Cook shed some light onto the matter. According to Apple CEO, the company is actively developing autonomous systems for self-driving cars. Although [...]

MIXXTAPE – Retro Music Player that Looks like a Cassette


Kickstarter often features interesting projects. The latest one that caught our attention was Mixxtape – a music player that can please everyone who is nostalgic about the times when audio cassettes were the main source of music. The crowdfunding program is close to the end and the product already raised more than enough. Mixxtape is made in the [...]

New iPhone – Apple Starts Mass Production


Right now, iPhone 8 is probably the most anticipated device that is supposed to be released this year. Some sources stare that it will come out this in September. Actually, these rumours may be true because Apple suppliers began mass production of components for the three models of iPhones: 7s, 7s Plus and 8. Apparently, Apple plans to renovate [...]

Smartphone Will Be Used as Passports in Dubai Airport


According to the UAE media, people, departing from the terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport, will now be able to use smartphones instead of passports while passing the control procedure. A new technology, which will soon be available in all airport terminals, was integrated into the mobile application Smart UAE Wallet. The app can store the [...]

Apple Introduced New 10.5-Inch iPad Pro


For the last few months, there were many rumours about the new 10.5-inch Apple tablet. Finally, during a large presentation of new devices, which was the part of the WWDC 2017 opening, Apple unveiled the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. The tablet received a 10.5-inch True Tone display with a 2224×1668 resolution and reduced side frames. In addition, the [...]

Apple Smart Speaker with Siri is Announced


Just as expected, during WWDC 2017 conference Apple presented several novelties but one really stood out – it’s a music smart speaker Apple HomePod. This is a completely new product for the company but it’s definitely a step to catch up with other popular brands in this area, such as Amazon or Google. Apple HomePod is positioned mostly as a [...]

Apple iOS 11 – All Changes, WWDC 2017


June 5 is the date that everyone was waiting for because Apple opened its conference for developers WWDC 2017. Among the first announcements was the new mobile operating system iOS 11. According to company’s representatives, 96% of the users were satisfied with iOS 10 but there’s still room for improvement. Here are the main changes in iOS 11: [...]

Samsung Made a TV that Looks like a Painting


Samsung announced an international launch of a very unusual TV called Frame TV. At first, the model was presented in Switzerland and Norway and then it will go to other countries, such as the USA, Germany, France, etc. Most importantly, the presentations of Frame TV in every country will be held in museums highlighting the fact that this TV is a [...]

Microsoft Released a Big Skype Update


Microsoft introduced a radically updated version of Skype which received a new interface and a number of features available in other popular instant messengers. The description of the new Skype was published in the developers’ blog. Along with the customizable interface, one of the most notable novelties of Skype app is the Highlights section. [...]

It’s All About The Light


As a photographer, whether new or experienced, you will already be more than aware of the fact that light can make all the difference to a quality or poor shot. It literally can be the difference between the two. When you are photographing a wedding, you need to get everything just so; you are capturing the most special day of a couple’s life, [...]

Effective Ways To Evaluate E-Learning Training Strategies


Aside from the tremendous amount of time and energy that companies dedicate to the research, development, and implementation of online training courses, there should also be efforts devoted to the evaluation of the training programs. Every training program needs to be evaluated in order to measure the effectiveness of an e-learning strategy. [...]

Easy Ways To Make SEO Work For You In 2017


There is a popular saying for a large percentage of businesses using online marketing which is “Don’t change a winning formula.” In the past, this used to be the case, where you had a ‘set’ strategy and if it worked, it worked. Nowadays, the rules online marketing are forever changing and that means that a strategy that might have worked [...]

The Basics of Online Marketing


To be successful in today’s competitive world, online marketing is essential. The modern consumer is informed and many purchasing decisions will have been made before the customer has even spoken to a supplier. They research products or services online to compare prices or reviews. They compare the offerings of different providers before they [...]