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Apple Works on a New Type of Connectors for iPhone and iPad


During the last year, there has been a lot of rumours suggesting that iPhone 7 Plus would be equipped with Smart Connector, like iPad Pro. The rumours didn’t come true but they are still alive. What’s more, a new patent shows that Apple may replace Lightning with an entirely new of connector in the next iPhone. The recently published patent [...]

Fake Apple Watch Produced in China


There are millions of different devices on the market but not all of them are made “with honesty”. In fact, 2.5% of all ICT products are counterfeit, so it’s quite possible to come across a fake mobile phone, for example. Still, there are segments that are relatively unexplored by “fakers” and one of them is wearable. This market has [...]

Apple Revealed More Details about Its Self-Driving Car


During several years, we’ve been hearing rumours about Apple working on its own self-driving vehicle and a platform for this kind of vehicles. The Cupertino company hired a bunch of new specialists who had been involved in car manufacturing before. Last week, the California DMV allowed Apple to use such cars on regular roads. And now, Apple [...]

Dell Presented First HDR10 Monitor


One of the leaders on the PC market, Dell, just announced a new monitor at the National Association of Broadcasters conference. The company showed several sevreal of them during the whole event but this one is kind of unique. In fact, this is the world’s first HDR10 monitor. The model is called Dell UltraSharp 27 UP2718Q and it’s packed will [...]

AeroMobil Unveiled a Flying Car


The movie “Back to the future 2” predicted that we’d have flying cars in 2015 but it didn’t come true unfortunately. Still, this idea is truly fascinating and people are working on it. For example, the company AeroMobil just showed its flying car which can travel by air and ride on regular roads. According to AeroMobil, the car is already [...]

Apple Replaces Broken iPad 4 with iPad Air 2


The fourth-generation iPad was released in 2012 and became the first Apple tablet to be fitted with the trademark Lightning port. iPad 4 was much more productive than any previous version. Now, Apple doesn’t make or sell this tablet anymore but many people still use it. And it turns out that if you have a broken iPad 4, you can get iPad Air 2 [...]

Advanced Biometric Fingerprint Lock for Smart House


When we’re watching movies, it’s always cool to see how people open hi-tech doors equipped with fingerprint scanners. But today, this technology is reality and these devices are available to anyone. Therefore, if you want more safety to your house or office, a fingerprint lock would really help. And for this review we picked one of the best [...]

Reasons Why Grownups Should Play More Video Games


Sinсе itѕ inсерtiоn, vidео games hаvе caught thе fаntаѕу оf сhildrеn as wеll as grоwnuрѕ. Thе ѕuссеѕѕ of gаming is rеflесtеd in the fact that it is a multibillion-dollar induѕtrу. In аdditiоn, gаmеѕ fascinate nоt juѕt сhildrеn but аdultѕ as well. From timе immеmоriаl, humanity hаѕ played [...]

Apple May Completely Change Its Style with iPhone 8


After several changes in the Apple design team (Jony Ive and Christopher Stringer left the company), people around the world became worried that the next-generation iPhone design would look drastically different. And it seems like these suspicions might be true. According to 9to5Mac, there has been the first presumed leak of iPhone 8 schematics [...]

Apple Might Re-Release MacBook Pro Without Touch Bar


Alhough Apple released new MacBook Pro only in October, the company is already working on a new generation of its laptops. According to iDownloadBlog, new MacBooks will have only one distinction from the 2016 models – a row of function keys which will replace the Touch Bar. The decision might have been influenced by numerous complaints from [...]

Apple Is Only Fifth Best Laptop Brand in the World


For many people, ratings don’t mean anything because they don’t take customers’ personal preferences into account. Still, some lists can be quite informative and surprising. For example, Laptop Mag published a list of best laptop brands of this year and the results are quite interesting. Firstly, there is a new leader. According to the [...]

iPhone 8 Will Feature Smart Connector


Before the release of iPhone 7, some experts suggested that it would be fitted with Smart Connector for wireless charging. The rumours didn’t come true. Still, iPad Pro already had this technology and some digital sources say that Smart Connector will appear on Apple smartphones. According to The Verifier blog, Apple will make iPhone 8 equipped [...]

Monitor Your Heart With T-Shirt


Early diagnostics and disease monitoring are undoubtedly extremely important in medicine. However, there are diseases which can be constantly observed only with complicated equipment. To make this a bit easier, smart gadgets are created and some of them might actually be quite effective. And one of them has just been introduced. During the [...]

Kniterate Smart Knitting Machine, Latest Tech


Kniterate decided to make the life of all knitting lovers in the world even easier. The company from London launched on Kickstarter a smart knitting machine which bears the same name – Kniterate. This is basically a “domesticated” version of big, industrial knitting machines, only this one does everything itself. All you need to do is create [...]

Samsung Galaxy S8 Display Is Considered the Best on the Market


Every year Samsung demonstrates the achievements in making mobile displays for their smartphones and tablets. This year, Galaxy S8 raised the standard pretty high for all the competitors. The best proof for that is the evaluation by a renowned website DisplayMate which named the new Infinity displays of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus the best on the whole [...]

Cujo Gadget – Protect Your House from Online Threats


Considering that technologies are taking over and filling our life, we have to be more careful. Yes, some devices seem quite reliable and long-lasting but once they access the Internet, there is a problem. Let’s be honest, the World Wide Web is pretty far from being safe. A lot is done to exterminate this problem but viruses and hackers keep on [...]

Smart Home Gadget for Safety of Your Garage


People, who live in private houses, usually keep their vehicles and different tools in a garage. A garage is a kind of a special place for any driver and it’s important to protect it, just like the rest of the house. You never know who might turn up on your street, break into your garage and steal your car. With technologies, even your garage [...]

Apple Ordered 70 Million OLED-Displays for iPhone 8


If Apple is really going to present the new iPhone generation in September, like in previous years, its production is about to start very soon. In fact, according to Nikkei, the Cupertino company is actively preparing for that having ordered 70 million OLED-displays from Samsung. If the rumours about iPhone 8 are true, we’ll see OLED-display [...]

Android is the Most Popular OS in the World


According to the analytics company StatCounter, which counted the internet usage numbers in March, Android surpassed Windows and became the most popular operating system in the world. The stats show that 37.93% of the OS market is taken by Android while Windows has just a tiny bit less – 37.91%. A few years ago, Windows seemed was seen as a [...]

Apple Is Working on Its Own Graphics Chip


In their mobile devices, Apple uses “self-made” processors but graphics chips PowerVR are always supplied by Imagination Technologies. The rumours about Apple developing its own chips have been going around for some time. Finally, the Cupertino company announced that in less than two years they stop licensing products from Imagination [...]