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Nubia M2 Lite 4G Phablet 5.5-inch HD Smartphone


Technology is evolving at a too fast rate for us to really notice it and keep up with all the developments. Yet, here it is: a phablet, a very interesting and surprising combination of smartphones and tablets. In this review about Nubia M2 Lite 4G Phablet 32GB ROM 5.5-inch HD Smartphone (NX573J) we are going to provide a bit more information. As [...]

ASUS Smart Home Wireless Antennas High Speed WiFi System


Wi-Fi hotspots are really ‘hot’ nowadays in a sense that every person not only wants but has to have it. Otherwise, you miss out on a big chunk of our daily lives and stay behind others. With this ASUS Smart Home Wireless Antennas High Speed Router WiFi System, you will always stay connected. In the review, we will provide you with more [...]

Alfawise Mixer Ice-Crushing Mode Professional Blender


Can a morning be good? Definitely, if you have a blender to make colorful and tasty juices, smoothies or any other drink. For this review, we have observed an Alfawise 2L Mixer for Home Ice-crushing mode Professional Blender 30000 RPM Juicer to make sure you are fresh and energized every morning. With a powerful 2000W motor and 8 stainless steel [...]

MEIZU Live Headsets Wired Dynamic High-End Earphones


Music is everywhere: it’s on the streets, in the TV, in our phones, and in our heads. A lot of people cannot even imagine going out of home without their favorite earphones. However, those wires tend to break down easily and then you are left wondering what to buy. For those of you who are in doubt, we have reviewed MEIZU Live Headsets Wired [...]

Waterproof Outdoor Powerful UV LED Flashlight


The UV flashlight has several uses, such as examination of crime scene, treasure and mineral searching, ink and glue curing, gas leaks inspection, fluorescent reflection of certain materials, etc. Clearly, TANK007 UV – 31 365nm 5W Waterproof Outdoor Powerful UV LED Flashlight is a very handy item to have at home, in car or your working [...]

Long Beam Range 2400Lm Diving LED Flashlight


There are plenty of people who enjoy scuba diving for work or pleasure. Those who often take part in such activities know that it can be quite dark underwater. For that reason, diving flashlights have been invented. Orcatorch High Power Torch Light Long Beam Range 2400Lm Diving LED Flashlight is one that we have taken a look at in this review. [...]

Xiaomi App Control Smart Building Magnetic Blocks Robot


We are always trying to find different games and toys to keep our children busy and active. Many children these days enjoy only computer games and other electronic gadgets, but in this review, we are going to observe a great toy for kids that is sure to grab their attention. This item is the Xiaomi MITU App Control Smart Building Magnetic Blocks [...]

Alfawise S200 Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush


Morning rituals are almost always the same as, not yet awake, our bodies do everything automatically, without giving anything proper thought. Brushing your teeth falls in that category as well. Nowadays, a lot of people prefer electric toothbrushes arguing they are better for your health and clean teeth way better than regular ones. For our [...]

Professional Advanced Portable 3D Printer


If you are fond of new technologies, namely the printing of 3D models, then you need to choose a printer that will please you with functionality and quality of performance. In this review, we will look at FLSUN S Professional Portable 3D Printer with advanced printing technology. This printer is equipped with all the necessary functions to make [...]

Smart Power Management Powerful LED Flashlight


Flashlights are much needed items to have around the house. They can be used for all different purposes. There is a wide variety of different flashlights, beginning from simple ones and ending in more powerful one. In this review, we will take a look at the Jetbeam Durable Waterproof 400m Beam Long Distance Smart Power Management Powerful LED [...]

Xiaomi Mi Innovative Digital Baby Thermometer


It is difficult to make a little baby sit still for a minute to check body temperature, though this procedure is especially necessary for newborns. Luckily, some more hi-tech brands started launching smart healthcare gadgets. Thus, in the following review we lay our hands on an innovative thermometer by Xiaomi, introduced in Ecological Chain [...]

Alfawise S100 Waterproof Sonic Electric Toothbrush


In today’s review we are all about healthcare, putting hands on an Alfawise S100 Waterproof Sonic Electric Toothbrush. Electric toothbrush is an especially necessary investment for people with braces, gum or teeth issues, and those who may be prone to cavities. In the package you get 2 brush heads, with plastic cups. To be honest, there are [...]

Raster Binocular Scanning High Accuracy Desktop 3D Scanner


Many different 3D scanners are offered on the market for various prices and with different features. In this review, we are going to observe the professional and excellent T-1 Raster Binocular Scanning High Accuracy Desktop 3D Scanner. The device, thanks to its design and ergonomics, is easily and freely transported and can placed almost anywhere. [...]

Smart Anti-Slip System 3D Floating Revolving Shaver


All men want to take care of their appearance, and have a clean shave and trim. For that reason, many invest in great electric shavers. In this review, we are going to take a look at a high-quality execution FLYCO FS352 Smart Anti-Slip System 3D Floating Revolving Shaver. All that is necessary for a modern man, you can find in this model from [...]

PHILPS Washable Ergonomic Double Heads Electric Shaver


Electric razors are some of the most used items within men. In this review, we are observing the PHILPS S561 Washable Double Heads Electric Shaver, with a high quality, ergonomic and expensive design. The razor is very comfortable to hold in the hand, thanks to the material it is made out of and its design. The quality is high, with just about no [...]

Thunk3D Handled Raster Industrial Object 3D Scanner


Many different 3D models need to be built on our computers, as all sorts of projects required. Building models can be complicated, and takes up a ton of your time. We are lucky that there are many different technological advances, such as 3D scanners. In this review, we have taken a close look at the Thunk3D Handled Raster Industrial Object 3D [...]

PHILIPS 3 Knife Heads Ergonomic Waterproof Electric Shaver


Electric shavers are convenient for many different reasons, and are purchased to make shaving more comfortable and convenient. In this review, we are going to take a look at the PHILIPS S5077 Washable 3 Knife Heads Ergonomic Waterproof Electric Shaver. This product has a beautiful design, with smooth lines and nice material. The anatomical [...]

Professional Binocular Industrial Object 3D Scanner


There are many varieties of 3D scanners in all price ranges, that provide users with many different features. In this review, we are going to take a look at a quite expensive but professional 3D scanner, the Thunk3D High Speed 3D Scanning Professional Binocular Industrial Object. This 3D scanner is offered on the market in a sleek black color, [...]

Matter and Form Folding 0.25 mm accuracy 3D Scanner


Sometimes the question arises as to how quickly to get this or that 3D model on the computer from the world around us. To solve this issue, there are 3D scanners that allow such a task to be performed. In this review, we are going to look at the Matter and Form Folding 0.25 mm accuracy 3D Scanner with CMOS scanning element. This scanner has a very [...]

Smart Touchscreen High Accuracy Black White 3D Scanner


3D scanners have become a thing and are gaining popularity due to their convenience and many features. If you are looking for a professional 3D scanner for your activities, we recommend that you take a closer look at the Thunk3D Cooper-BW10 Smart Touchscreen High Accuracy Black White 3D Scanner, that we are going to observe in this review. It is a [...]