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Affordable Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Alternative


Although most people still use USB-connected keyboards, wireless ones are a much better option. They don’t make your desk cluttered, they are usually smaller and you can place on any place of the table. Such keyboards became even more widespread because of the rising popularity of tablets. Of course, touchscreen isn’t bad but it’s still more [...]

Laptop Ergonomic Cooling Pad for MacBook Aluminium Stand


As you know, in order to prevent a laptop from overheating, it’s recommended to use it on a flat, hard surface, preferably a table. Another tip is to use a stand – it lifts your laptop up contributing to better airflow and less damage. Thankfully, it’s easy to find a suitable accessory for this purpose. Today, we’re about to review one of [...]

Aluminium Stand for Laptop Ergonomic Cooling Stand


Have you ever noticed that your laptop get too hot after working or playing games for many hours? One of the reasons for that is the surface that the laptop stands on. Even if the surface is flat, the heat isn’t dissipated properly. In order to avoid this problem, you need special stands. Today, we’re about to review Aluminium Stand for Laptop [...]

Portable Table for Laptop Adjustable Desk


People, who spend a lot of time in front of their laptops, always need maximum comfort and minimum damage for the back. That’s why the working place must be ergonomic. However, very often we don’t sit at the table – we use laptops while lying on the couch or on the bed. In these cases, the interaction with a laptop must be comfortable as [...]

Table Mat for Laptop Desktop Organizer Mouse Pad


Keeping our office or home computer desk organized is very important. Often we do not want to clutter the desk with various shelves, paper holders and so on. This double-layer multifunctional Table Mat for Laptop is also good Desktop Organizer Mouse Pad. To begin review, this mouse pad is very trendy and stylish looking. It is offered in a neutral [...]

Portable High Speed 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub


Modern computers that people buy today include only one or two USB ports. With such a quantity of ports the usage of endless devices seems to be a real problem for a person. In our everyday life we use a mouse, a printer, a keyboard, a webcam and so on. Is ot possible to use all these devices only with 2 ports? Definitely no. So the logical [...]

Charging Bag for MacBook


Today, the market is filled with power banks but most of them are usually used for charging smartphones and tablets. There are some that can charge a laptop but these power banks are usually too big and heavy. But there is an accessory that can solve this problem. It’s called Laer and it’s a multi-functional laptop bag. It can be used for its [...]

User Face Recognition on MacBook, Apple updates


Apple has always been one of the most innovative brands on the market. Now, it looks like the Cupertino company is about to introduce a new user identification system in its devices. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published details about the new Apple project. It describes a face recognition system which in the future can theoretically appear in [...]

MacBook Adjustable Ergonomic Cooling Stand


For many people, laptops are an essential part of life. These devices are compact and portable, so they can be used in any place the user wants. But everything isn’t so simple. The placement of a laptop is extremely important. If it stands lower from your eye level, you have to bend your neck all the time which isn’t good. Plus, your arms [...]

Smart Digital Numeric Keypad for MacBook


Many people think that Apple equips its laptops with some of the most convenient trackpads on the market. However, the engineers from the company Luckey are confident that MacBook trackpads can be improved. For that, Luckey came up with a new accessory called Nums – Smart Digital Numeric Keypad for Macbook. Nums is a small glass panel on the [...]

MacBook Accessories


There are million accessories for Mac computers and some times it is not easy to choose what we need, find user friendly accessories. How to Choose accessories or gadget for Mac ? It is based on usability, functions, design, convenience and price. Check out the best (from our point of view) universal accessories for Apple laptops. Rock USB Type-C [...]

Best MacBook Air 13 Case With Stand Function


In the busy world that we live in, we are all always on the go! However, that should not get in the way of you being fashionable! One item that will be your life saver, is the JISON CASE Multifunctional Leather Bag Kickstand Case For MacBook Air 13.3 Inch. This handy item, will protect your favorite MacBook from scratches and other damages, that [...]

MacBook Keyboard Cover


When a lucky customer goes home with a freshly purchased MacBook, he is already thinking how much fun he will have with his new laptop. But buying a MacBook is only the beginning. Such a valuable product requires constant care and attention. That’s why the mentioned customer will have to buy certain accessories to protect the laptop. Usually, [...]

New MacBook Is More Powerful than Last Year’s Version


This week, as part of WWDC 2017, Apple updated the MacBook Pro line – the laptops got new Intel Kaby Lake processors as well as faster SSDs. Of course, the first tests came instantly people, who plan to buy new MacBook, will be very happy with the results. According to MacRumors, the test results appeared in Geekbench 4. For the test, MacRumors [...]

New Apple iMac and MacBook – WWDC 2017


One of the highlights during WWDC 2017 was new Apple Mac devices. Apart from the updated macOS High Sierra OS, Apple finally presented a completely new iMac line-up. The main feature of new all-in-ones was redesigned displays. They became 43% brighter and support a billion colours, which brings displaying digital content on a new level. Other than [...]

MacBook Gadget with Multiple Connectivity Options


We’ve all heard that the latest MacBook Pro featured only one kind of connectors – USB-C. Although this standard is up-to-date, we are still getting used to it. Most of cables, flash drives and other accessories have regular USB connectors, so all MacBook users would have to come up with some kind of a solution. Thankfully, accessory makers [...]

PowerUp – MacBook Accessory with More Connectors for Mobile Devices


New 2016 MacBook Pro was met with generally positive reviews but it wasn’t perfect. Some people didn’t like Touch Bar, others addressed the problem with battery time but the main complaint concerned the lack of connectivity options. MacBook Pro 2016 came only with USB-C ports for everything including charging. That’s why accessories with [...]

Q2 for Apple MacBook and iPhone – Overall Results


Last night, Apple reported the financial results of the second quarter of 2017 which ended on April 1st. In general, the company was optimistic and happy about the final results but some analysts expected higher sales numbers and revenues. Here are a few facts from the Apple’s report: •  7M sold iPhones (1% less than last year) brought Apple [...]

Apple Might Re-Release MacBook Pro Without Touch Bar


Alhough Apple released new MacBook Pro only in October, the company is already working on a new generation of its laptops. According to iDownloadBlog, new MacBooks will have only one distinction from the 2016 models – a row of function keys which will replace the Touch Bar. The decision might have been influenced by numerous complaints from [...]

What We Can Expect from New Apple iMac


Earlier, Apple finally announced the new generation of Mac Pro. Apart from that, Phil Schiller, the head of marketing in Apple, mentioned that we’ll see a new iMac later this year. According to Schiller, the new Apple’s all-in-one will boast more productivity, upgrade possibilities and expanded data storage opportunities. But there Pike’s [...]