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Apple Might Re-Release MacBook Pro Without Touch Bar


Alhough Apple released new MacBook Pro only in October, the company is already working on a new generation of its laptops. According to iDownloadBlog, new MacBooks will have only one distinction from the 2016 models – a row of function keys which will replace the Touch Bar. The decision might have been influenced by numerous complaints from [...]

What We Can Expect from New Apple iMac


Earlier, Apple finally announced the new generation of Mac Pro. Apart from that, Phil Schiller, the head of marketing in Apple, mentioned that we’ll see a new iMac later this year. According to Schiller, the new Apple’s all-in-one will boast more productivity, upgrade possibilities and expanded data storage opportunities. But there Pike’s [...]

Apple Mac Pro Is Finally Updated


Despite being the most renowned name on the tech market, Apple isn’t perfect. MacBook Pro laptops, released in 2016, were criticised for the lack of connectivity options. Plus, the Cupertino company hasn’t updated its desktop computers. The latest Mac Pro came out in 2013, while iMac and Mac mini haven’t been renewed since 2014. Finally, [...]

MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: Which One to Buy?


When we talk about most productive laptops, we can’t help mentioning MacBooks. But which Apple laptop is the best? Feather-light MacBook Air or powerful MacBook Pro? Apple has already announced that it won’t update the Air line-up anymore focusing solely on the MacBook Pro. The latest release took place in October when the world saw new [...]

Stylish Moshi Briefcase for MacBook


Laptops are mini-versions of desktop computers and they are meant to be carried around. That’s why we have special backpacks, bags, and so on. Obviously, the whole point of buying a messenger bag is that you could carry a laptop there fully protected. But let’s not forget that any bag can be considered a fashion accessory. And if you like [...]

Ergonomic Stand for MacBook and iPad Pro


Every time you sit in front of a computer or a laptop, you have to make sure that everything is positioned correctly. This, of course, includes your body but also the device itself. You may have heard about such thing as ergonomics – this is when products or processes are designed to make interactions between people and devices more healthy and [...]

Moshi Microfiber MacBook Sleeve


MacBook is probably the most prestigious name among all laptops. That’s why it needs the best protection possible. You can’t just put it in your bag or backpack hoping that everything is going to be all right. No one is safe from accidents, so even when you carry a MacBook in your hands, it is better be protected. That’s where accessory [...]

MagicWand Connects Magic Trackpad with Apple Keyboard


If you’re a lucky owner of iMac, you probably also bought the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. Together, these peripherals are a perfect combination for any user. But what if want the ultimate peripheral? What if you came from work and you want to just lie on your couch and still be able control your iMac or Apple TV? Just for these [...]

Supportive Mouse Wrist Rest for Comfortable Work


It’s no secret that computers have become an integral part of our lives. When Steve Jobs said that every household would have a computer in the future, no one could believe him. But as we all know, Jobs was a visionary and his words became reality. Now, we don’t need encyclopedias for looking up information, we don’t need TVs to watch movies [...]

Boost MacBook Sound with BassJump 2


When you’re looking for a laptop, MacBook is always a perfect choice in terms of performance and functionality. MacBooks are flawless in most aspects including work, entertainment, and so on. Speaking of entertainment, laptops are already our portable TVs, movie theatres and music stations. And what do all these things have in common? They all [...]

iMac or Mac mini – What to Choose


It’s safe to say that Apple devices are very influential on all fronts. There’s no point in arguing that iPhones are among the best of smartphones, just like iPads of tablets and MacBooks of laptops. But this also applies to other products, like PCs. One day, any Windows user may have an idea of buying a Mac device. In other cases, Apple [...]

Early Upgrade for MacBook Pro


The release of new MacBooks in 2016 was really anticipated and heavily discussed afterwards. But Apple is determined to make their laptops users even happier. Apparently, the whole MacBook Pro line-up will have a hardware upgrade in 2017. A hint to this information was seen in the beta version of macOS Sierra 10.12.4. 2 of 3 laptops, mentioned in [...]

AirBar Makes MacBook Display Touchscreen


Touchscreen technology is a very comfortable way of controlling any device. Most of them, like smartphones, tablets or smartwatches, are already integrated with it. However, users now can turn even their regular laptops into touchscreen devices. For that, there is a new gadget called AirBar. AirBar is a small plank which is attached on the edge of [...]

MacBook Might Come Out with 32GB RAM in Late 2017


In 2016 we witnessed a release of new MacBook Pro with many novelties, for example, the well-known Touch Bar. However, Apple doesn’t seem to stop here. Apparently, the company is preparing a major, one-of-a-kind product for the end of this year. According to a famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, in the last quarter of 2017 Apple will launch a new [...]

Apple Solved MacBook Battery Issues


Despite a high demand, new MacBooks, released in autumn of 2016, had some flaws. There were some complaints about battery time. As a result, Consumer Reports didn’t even include MacBook Pro 2016 in their list of recommended purchases because of inconsistency in battery life. In response, Apple promised to solve issue and the company held to the [...]

Functional 13’ MacBook Sleeve


If you buy any modern mobile device means that you’ll have to protect them in a certain way. This especially applies to expensive products, for example, laptops and especially MacBooks. The accessory market is filled with various screen protectors, cases or messenger bags, so it’s quite hard to choose a suitable one. But our next review will [...]

Convenient Slipper for iMac


We’ve written about numerous protective accessories for smartphones, tablets and laptops. But it seems like we left out a rather popular kind of digital devices – monoblock PCs. These massive computers, for example, iMac, may have some issues with tangling cables or stands scratching the surface of your table. To prevent these problems, we [...]

Apple Plans to Solve MacBook Issues


Battery time has been the main concern for users of the latest MacBook Pro. Some customers complained that the laptops worked 5 hours less than they are supposed to. After a few tests, a well-established website Consumer Reports didn’t include MacBook Pro 2016 in the list of recommended purchases for the first time. It turned out that MacBook [...]

Apple Desktops: Promising News


To put it mildly, desktops aren’t the most popular area for Apple. A lot of models haven’t been updated for a long time and it seems like the company has completely forgotten about this sphere. There was a rumour about a month ago about the upcoming release of Mac Pro but Apple hasn’t confirmed it. But Apple fans, don’t be too disappointed [...]