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Auxillite Returns Headphone Jack to iPhone


The news about the latest iPhone 7 not having a 3.5mm headphone jack has disappointed a lot of people. But accessory manufacturers are happy as a clam. Recently we’ve written about iLdock, a very practical adapter for an iPhone which allows you to charge your device while listening to music. As it turns out, there’s one more similar option [...]

Best Selling iPad Stand and Charging in One Dock


Earlier 2010 when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPad in 2010, he couldn’t possibly imagine how immensely popular this device will be in less than 10 years. Today iPads and other tablets almost replaced computers because of their portability and multiple working possibilities. But still, big tablets, like a 12.9-inch iPad, are quite large and [...]

Choose you Best Stylish and Affordable Power Banks


Everybody has been in situations when you need to make an urgent call from your phone but the battery runs low and the phone just switched off. Today, however, it’s possible to avoid these unpleasant surprises using external battery chargers or, how people call them more often, power banks. Mostly, they are compact and comfortable for carrying [...]

Reliable Power Banks


Nowadays external battery chargers or power banks are one of the most popular accessories for mobile devices. They are extremely helpful for people with active lifestyle who need their phone or tablet to be always charged. Power banks are also necessary companions of travelers because they spend most of their time in places where there are no [...]

Unique Levitating Charging Dock for iPhone 7


On the market we often see interesting and even unique charging accessories. One of them is flying charging station when your device, placed on the station, literally levitate while being charged. Usually, such accessories are used for smaller devices, like smartwatches but now there’s a station that will even make your iPhone fly. It’s called [...]

Functional Mini Charging Adapter for Apple iPhone


The latest Apple smartphone iPhone 7 came out with many new features, and, probably, the most debatable one was the absence of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Not every user was happy with that decision from the company. Plus, the release of Apple’s wireless AirPods, which are supposed to replace regular headphones, was delayed and the headphones may [...]

Aukey 30000mAh – More Capacity Than Most Power Banks


Today with our active lifestyle we spend a lot of time on the go. In these moments only your digital devices help you stay in touch with the rest of the world. That’s why you always need a power source to keep your phone or tablet charged. In this case external charging packs or power banks become very helpful. These devices are in great demand [...]

Perfect USB-companion for your MacBook


The lack of connectivity is probably the main problem of new 2015 and 2016 MacBooks. They have only one USB-C port doesn’t really help if you want to charge your laptop and work with a few devices at the same time. This gave accessory manufacturers new opportunities. As a result, a lot of different docks and hubs with multiple connectors [...]

One of the Best Charging Cables for MacBook


The introduction of the new 12-inch Apple MacBook caused a lot of complaints because it was fitted with only one USB-C port for everything, even charging. The MagSafe technology from Apple was gone and many brands started looking for solutions. One of them has caught our attention and we’ve decided to tell you more about this accessory: it’s [...]

Multi-Functional Universal OWC USB-C Dock


Despite being portable and practical, laptops today have a disadvantage – connectivity. For people, who are used to working on their laptops, it would be easier to connect a printer, a scanner or any other device directly to the laptop. On the market there are many docks which provide connectivity with multiple devices and for MacBook users [...]

Most Reliable Armored Stainless Steel Lightning Cable


We’ve all heard that branded cables from Apple are very unreliable: they wear out too fast, lose their market condition and stop functioning properly. Every iPhone or iPad user has come across such a problem. In this case we have to look for alternatives to cables from Apple and this time we’re going to tell you about the Lightning cable [...]

Unique Aluminum Charging Box for Apple Watch


Nowadays Apple Watches are quite popular but it’s still widely disputed whether they are useful or not. The most heated question is their battery time. A lot of users complain that Apple Watches run out of battery too fast. And who wants to charge a watch every couple of days? Thankfully, today there are a lot of portable charging devices on [...]

Luxury Charging dock for Apple Watch


BLOC Wireless Dock Luxe from Boostcase is an amazing charging device designed specifically for Apple Watches. The BLOC Wireless Dock is very compact, so it wouldn’t take up a lot of space on your table. Plus, due to its size and lightness (around 70g or 0.15 lbs), this device would be great for using on the go. It’s made of high-quality [...]

Durable Soft Touch Coated USB Car Charger


The Incase Dual USB Car Charger is a great choice for busy people who often spend their time in cars. As most USB car chargers, this one is small, light and very compact. Like in the case with another Incase car charger, the Universal Mini, the coating of the charger is made of cotton as well. The Universal Dual USB Car Charger is equipped with [...]

Compact Universal Mini Car Charger


Incase offers its customers a great, handy car charger – the Universal Mini Car Charger. It is a USB-charger and it’s very small and compact, so it wouldn’t cause any inconveniences for the driver or passengers. This charger is made of high-quality materials and the coating, by the way, is made of cotton which makes the charger very soft to [...]

All-in-one MacBook Travel Adapter with USB Charger


PlugBug World is USB wall charger designed designed by Twelve South specifically for Apple products. By attaching a MacBook power adapter to the PlugBug World you get a dual charger because this little device has a 2.1A USB-port, in which you can plug your iPad or iPhone and charge it simultaneously with the MacBook. The PlugBug World brings [...]

Best Selling Griffin Dual USB Car Charger


Griffin has another car charger and this time it’s even more practical: the PowerJolt Dual USB Car Charger. As we see, it has two USB ports for simultaneous charging of two smartphones or any mobile devices. It works from a 12V power supply in your car. As usual, the design is very good. The USB Car charger looks even more compact than the [...]

Best Selling Griffin Smart USB Car Charger


Griffin PowerJolt USB Car Charger is a miniature but very smart device. It was designed for meet the requirements of many different phones and tablets. A special Charge Sensor technology is used for more effective charging and better integration and connectivity with any mobile devices. There’s also an inbuilt SmartFuse which prevents any power [...]

Dual Port High Capacity Moshi USB Car Charger


Moshi dual port USB Car Charger is a small, handy device that would keep your gadgets from discharging on the road. The charger is compact and very nice-looking. It would be a great addition to car interior mostly because of the anodized aluminium cover plate which shines in the dark. This charger has 2 USB-ports which is great for people with [...]

One of The Best Selling Stylish USB Car Charger


The Belkin USB Car Charger is perfect device for people with on-the-road lifestyle who spend a lot of time in a car. The first thing you notice is size: this charger is small, compact and very elegant. It weighs only 16g which is as light as a feather. The Belkin USB Car Charger has a 2.0 USB-port. The output figures are 1.5A and 5V. The charging [...]