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iOttie Easy One Touch 3


We want talk about iOttie Easy One Touch 3. The quality of the materials shows that Easy One Touch 3 was developed carefully. – Implementation of attachment on any plane due to a special gel coating on the suction Cup. ‒ Good fixation in most surfaces. Easy One Touch 3 is a mount for telescopic pole, very convenient to control the phone. [...]

About Twelve South HiRise


If you are an enterprise, manufacturing accessories for Apple devices only, it would be a big plus to you to produce something for the category of Cupertino products, and the management from TwelveSouth company fully understands it. They actually have reproduced their old stands for iPhone and iPad, as a result the company has manufactured the [...]

Walnut Apple Watch Wooden Charger


Apple team have spent a lot of time to bring over in the fact, that materials, which the device is manufactured of play an important role as well. Thus, the Apple Watch is manufactured not of a usual aluminum, but of a much harder and more solid “Apple” aluminum. This idea was actually used in the process of the development of this power bank [...]

Griffin Watch Stand


It’s an accessory device from Griffin company. There is a small projection on the front, which will support your smartphone, while the high point will demonstrate your Apple Watch to everybody with dignity. This device has a charge function as well. Griffin Watch Stand is one of not expensive dock for Apple devices, we have actually ever seen, [...]

Portable Charger for Apple Watch Charging Dock


Apple Watch — is still an unexplored device in many respects and it’s quite hard to say for sure, how long it can work without being charged. And as external power banks are actually still a must for an iPhone (especially if you are an active user), they will be very likely required upon the use of your Apple Watch too. Bright Stone Charging [...]

MiTagg NuDock Lamp


If you’re looking for an Apple Watch, then it means you already have an iPhone. And if you already have an iPhone, possibly you have an iPad as well. All these products need to be frequently charged, mainly in the night, that’s why this MiTagg NuDock Lamp is actually a good solution. The device has the special sockets to connect the iPhone and [...]