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Armoured Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad


We’ve all heard that branded cables from Apple are very unreliable: they wear out too fast, lose their market condition and stop functioning properly. Every iPhone or iPad user has come across such a problem. In this case we have to look for alternatives to cables from Apple and this time we’re going to tell you about the Lightning cable [...]

Unique Power Bank for Apple Watch


Nowadays Apple Watches are quite popular but it’s still widely disputed whether they are useful or not. The most heated question is their battery time. A lot of users complain that Apple Watches run out of battery too fast. And who wants to charge a watch every couple of days? Thankfully, today there are a lot of portable charging devices on [...]

Luxury Charging device for Apple Watch


BLOC Wireless Dock Luxe from Boostcase is an amazing charging device designed specifically for Apple Watches. The BLOC Wireless Dock is very compact, so it wouldn’t take up a lot of space on your table. Plus, due to its size and lightness (around 70g or 0.15 lbs), this device would be great for using on the go. It’s made of high-quality [...]

Rocket-Shaped USB Car Charger


The Incase Universal Dual USB Car Charger is a great choice for busy people who often spend their time in cars. As most USB car chargers, this one is small, light and very compact. Like in the case with another Incase car charger, the Universal Mini, the coating of the Universal Dual is made of cotton as well. Besides, if you buy this charger, [...]

Compact Universal Mini Car Charger


Incase offers its customers a great, handy car charger – the Universal Mini Car Charger. It is a USB-charger and it’s very small and compact, so it wouldn’t cause any inconveniences for the driver or passengers. This charger is made of high-quality materials and the coating, by the way, is made of cotton which makes the charger very soft to [...]

PlugBug World Adapter for iPad and iPhone


PlugBug World is USB wall charger designed designed by Twelve South specifically for Apple products. By attaching a MacBook power adapter to the PlugBug World you get a dual charger because this little device has a 2.1A USB-port, in which you can plug your iPad or iPhone and charge it simultaneously with the MacBook. The PlugBug World brings [...]

About PowerJolt Dual USB Charger


Griffin has another car charger and this time it’s even more practical: the PowerJolt Dual Universal charger. As we see, it has two USB ports for simultaneous charging of two different devices. It works from a 12V power supply in your car. As usual, the design is very good. The charger looks even more compact than the PowerJolt with a single USB [...]

Smart Miniature Car Charger


Griffin’s PowerJolt Universal car charger is a miniature but very smart device. It was designed for meet the requirements of many different phones and tablets. A special ChargeSensor technology is used for more effective charging and better integration and connectivity with all devices. There’s also an inbuilt SmartFuse which prevents any [...]

Dual Port High Capacity Car Charger


Moshi’s dual port USB car charger is a small, handy device that would keep your gadgets from discharging even on the road. The charger is compact and very nice-looking. It would be a great addition to car interior mostly because of the anodized aluminium cover plate which shines in the dark. This charger has 2 USB-ports which is great for people [...]

One of the Best USB Car Charger


The Belkin Universal car charger is perfect device for people with on-the-road lifestyle who spend a lot of time in a car. The first thing you notice is size: this charger is small, compact and very elegant. It weighs only 16g which is as light as a feather. The Belkin car charger has a universal 2.0 USB-port. The output figures are 1.5A and [...]

Wireless Charging Guide


Picking a suitable wireless charger isn’t as easy as it sounds, you have to consider many important things before making a decision. So what should you keep in mind when choosing a wireless charger? Today there are many different smartphones on sale and a lot of chargers don’t work with all of them. Usually, manufacturers focus on specifics [...]

Find Your Car with a ZUS Charger


Have you ever been in a situation when you can’t find your car on a parking lot for a long time? Maybe you were shopping too long and too many cars parked there. There’s got to be an easier way! Well, the ZUS will definitely help you with that. ZUS car charger from Nonda is one of the best USB chargers you can find on sale. First of [...]

Choosing a Car Charger


Today car chargers are very widespread and quite popular. People spend a lot of their time in cars and it’s necessary to always be in touch, so you wouldn’t want to end up in a car with your phone or other devices fully discharged. That’s when car chargers come in handy – you just plug them into your cigarette lighter and that’s it. But [...]

Best Selling Jackery Power Bank + MFI Lightning Cable


Today, when the things are humming, you cannot take control of everything going on in your life. That is why we often lose count of time, get late for meetings, forget our keys, and so forth. Everybody probably faces this kind of problems once in their life. It can also happen that you neglect to charge your smartphone in time, and it runs out of [...]

Best Selling Belkin Lightning Charger iPhone Sync Dock


Best Selling Belkin ChargeSync Lightning Charger iPhone Sync Dock is made specifically for the Apple iPhone, you can use it for charging your other Lightning compatible Apple smartphones and iPods with ease. All you have to do is to plug the USB cable of the dock into your computer or a power outlet on your wall and then slide your gadget into it. [...]

Luxury Marble Premium Charging Dock for Apple Watch


The Marble Edition Premium Charging Dock for Apple Watch by Native Union took a few steps further than conventional charging devices that you probably used to see or use with other gadgets. Being made of natural marble and polished by hand this stylish and practical accessory doesn’t only look very fancy but also works great. While charging and [...]

Best Selling Rotatable Aluminium Stand + Charger for iPad


No matter which generation of iPad you own, you can use it with the Mophie Powerstand Rotatable Aluminium Stand + Charger for iPad Tablets. Unlike many other workstations manufactured only for comfortable use of different gadgets, this one will not only hold your tablet in the needed position for hands-free viewing but also charge it when its [...]

Portable Universal Bike USB Charging OTG Power Bank


Every cyclist will love this small and smart invention for sure. Unlike many other convenient power banks available for sale today, with the capacity of 1650-mAh, the Siva Atom can be recharged not only from a traditional outlet in your house or car but also from the momentum created when you ride a bike. It is a great solution for those who want [...]

Best Selling Smart Power Bank Battery Pack for Laptops


The Omnicharge Portable Smart Power Bank Battery Pack for Laptops offers you an excellent opportunity to charge all of your USB-enabled devices whether it is your iPhone, iPad, flashlight, or any other gadgets on the go. On the market, you will not find another power bank providing fast “universal” charging. With two USB-ports and an AC/DC [...]

Best Selling iOttie Rapid Volt Dual Port USB Car Charger


If you like traveling a lot by your car, then you probably spend much time out. It means that you don’t always have a chance to plug your smartphone into a wall charger to get it fully charged. Since it is very crucial for you to make and receive calls from your family twenty-four seven, then you should always stay in touch with them while being [...]