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Business Backpack Travel Crossbody Bag


With the world of technology that we live in, we often need to carry our laptops and other necessities with us. Living a busy active lifestyle, comfort may often be something we forget about. However, we can recommend to you an item that will save you from that burden and hassle. This multifunctional backpack is perfect for your laptop and will [...]

USB Charging Port Anti-theft Laptop Backpack


When living the busy and active city lifestyle, you not only want to live up to the fashion but be as maximum comfortable! We perfectly understand that, and with that being said would like to recommend to you an item that will absolutely change your life in the city! The KINGSONS computer backpack! Anti-theft Water Repellent Laptop Backpack up to [...]

Unisex Casual Lightweight Backpack


Many of us love to travel the world, and see all of its wonders, with that being said we always have a load of items that we would love to bring with us. However, not all backpacks provide enough space and comfort to do so. One item that we can recommend to you to fulfill both of those preferences is the Unisex Casual Backpack Sport Bag Waterproof [...]

USB Charging Laptop Shoulder Bag


Many of us live a busy lifestyle, and are always on the move! If you are a college student, attend school or any other place that requires you to carry a heavy load, we have the perfect item to recommend to you! The 15.6 Inch Multi Pocket Backpack With Dual USB Charger & Rain-Proof Cover. This fashionable and handy item will simplify your busy [...]

Outdoor Shoulder Backpack for Men


If you are looking for a universal bag that will fit perfectly for school, college or travel, then we have the perfect item to bring your attention to. The Outdoor Canvas Shoulders Bag will do the job! The canvas backpack is offered in four calming colors: Coffee, Army Green, Black, Khaki will give you a wide variety of options to fit your [...]

Best Canvas Backpack for Hiking and Camping


Some very popular activities and hobbies for men are camping, hunting, and spending leisure time out in the nature! When going on your favorite trips, you need to be sure that all of your necessary things are safe and secure, as well as keep comfort and fashion in your head! One item that has been gaining popularity fast among other men like you [...]

Built-In Battery Backpack for College


College students are always looking for a way to simplify their busy lifestyle! The heavy load of textbooks, notebooks and other gadgets does not do the job! If you are a college student and are in need of a comfortable backpack to fit all of your necessities, you might want to check out the Outdoor Canvas Laptop Backpack for your MacBook. USB [...]

Modobag Suitcase With Wheels – Drive Luggage as a Scooter


Suitcases are our loyal companions during long trips and air travels. Modern suitcases are quite spacious and pretty comfortable due to the wheels on the bottom. In fact, these wheels can be used for more than you can imagine. The engineers from the company Modobag have been working for over a year on a “riding suitcase”. In one hand [...]

Top 5 Best Backpacks for Hiking


The summer is coming up, which means that many people will leave their homes and head towards adventures. One of the most popular ways to spend your vacation actively is hiking. It’s quite simple but very enjoyable. You walk around with your friends, see new places and get new impressions. A great hiking experience always starts with choosing [...]

Bartaile C12 – Stylish Convertible Bag for Laptop


Although there are many different laptop bags on the market, most of them don’t really suit women. They usually like something stylish but practical. Plus, carrying a bag can get exhausting, so it would be great to be able to hang on the shoulder. Unfortunately, not every laptop bag fits this description. But there’s no need to get upset [...]

Waterfield Leather Backpack for Laptop


There are many different brands on the mobile accessory market and each one has some distinctive features. Let’s take Waterfield Designs. A company, based in San Francisco, makes carrying and protective accessories for laptops, tablets and smartphones but all of them are made of top-notch materials, including durable nylon canvas or leather. As [...]

Functional Anti-Theft ClickPack Pro Backpack


Many users, who always carry numerous mobile devices with themselves, don’t like simple backpacks because they don’t provide enough protection from external influence or water. What’s even worse is when a backpack with all your gadgets is stolen. The company Korin Design attempts to solve all these problems with its new product called [...]

Smart Backpack with Wireless Charging


When choosing a backpack, people are usually concerned with protection and organization. Obviously, you wouldn’t pick a light, see-through backpack over the one made of water-resistant material. And of course, the more pockets it has, the better. A good, modern backpack should have enough space for all your mobile devices, including a laptop, a [...]

Incase Kaskade Suitcase for Pro-Travelers


The first thing you think about when you’re planning a trip is where you’ll put all your stuff. That’s why every traveler needs is a spacious suitcase. Fortunately, there is no lack of them on the market. Unfortunately, such abundant choice may confuse beginners. But why not rely on famous and tried-and-true brands? Let’s take Incase, for [...]

Stylish and Spacious Arcus Backpack by Moshi


There is no more comfortable accessory than a backpack. Its weight is evenly distributed between your shoulders, which keeps you back straight. Plus, backpacks have a lot to offer in terms of organization. There are different options for students, workers or travelers with enough space for all items. But what if you’re looking for a versatile [...]

Smart Bag that Cleans Itself


Every day, we see new gadgets appear on the market and our daily household items are becoming smart. For example, there is a new product on Kickstarter – a smart bag called Paqsule. Its main feature is the ability to clean itself and everything that the user puts into it. Paqsule uses ultra-violet light and ozone in order to kill bacteria and [...]

Wonderfeel Retro Style Laptop Bag


It’s no secret that laptops have become our daily companions for every task. Unlike PCs, laptops are portable, so we can carry them at school, at college, at work, and so on. Some people keep literally everything in their laptops: study papers, work documents, photos, etc. This is why laptops require constant care and attention. Thankfully, we [...]

Best Packing Set for Travelers


When you’re planning a long trip, there’s always an issue with packing. Taking many suitcases isn’t convenient at all, so people try fir every item of theirs in one big suitcase. That’s where it gets tricky because organizing the space properly is not that simple. Many travelers, especially beginners, come across this problem. Fortunately, [...]

Backpack with E-Ink Display


We are all familiar with desktop templates – you can choose any picture you want and put it as background onto your computer or laptop. The same goes for smartphones and tablets but what if you could select the exterior look for your backpack? That’s right, a new product from POP-I does exactly that. POP-I has caused a lot of buzz at CES 2017 [...]

Capsula Backpack Review


You lead an active lifestyle and need a suitable backpack for it? Of course, the choice on the market is quite diverse, there are a lot of spacious backpacks that protect your stuff properly. But there’s always place for something peculiar, like Capsula backpack which we’re going to tell you about now. Capsula backpack combines a lot of [...]