CASEZO iPhone 7 / 8 Case for Stunning Photography

Kickstarter is a platform for many different smartphone accessories. One of most recent ones was, in our opinion, especially captivating.

This is an iPhone 7 / 8 case called CASEZO. This is the first smartphone case in the world that comes with detachable and really advanced set of lenses. They allow users to completely immerse into photography using only a smartphone. The accessory gives its owners an opportunity to take pictures with 3 different lenses: 180-degree fish-eye, 0.67 wide-angle lens and tele lens with 2X zoom.

CASEZO iPhone 7 Case for Photography

The construction of CASEZO is designed specifically for quick attachment. Changing and switching over lenses takes seconds. Apart from that, any lens can be installed on any tripod with maximum security. And we shouldn’t forget that it’s also a smartphone case so it does basic but helpful stuff like protecting a phone from scratches and hits.

The crowdfunding campaign for CASEZO smartphone case started this week. So, if you’re interested in a mobile accessory that can make your smartphone a real pro-camera, back it on Kickstarter and pre-order the CASEZO case.