Best Selling Storage Carrying Bag for Mobile Accessories

BUBM comes from the first letter of Be Unique Be Myself, so this brand is solely about self-representation and creativity. And this is true, because its products do look original. Just look at the travel bags they produce. These bags were specially made for modern people who cannot live without wires, mice, papers, small appliances and accessories. The BUBM bags were actually tailored to this need and, although, they come in a lot of designs and colors, they still focus one idea.

Bag for Mobile Accessories orange

The idea and, actually, a need to be original but also get a lot of functionalities. Furthermore, the travel bags are fully waterproof and would fit any backpack or suitcase. They have a lot of small and different pockets each of which has its own meaning. So, they nicely organize all the small things and protect you from losing essentials. During travelling, this is precious.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Red, Blue, Gray
  • Size: S, M, L(different internal structure)
  • S: 21.5*12.5*5cm
  • M: 24.5*14.5*5cm
  • L: 24.5*16.5*5cm

Bag for Mobile Accessories gray