Functional Driver Gadget Car Speed Projector HUD Display

Speedometers are an important attribute of any car. They are, in fact, essential. This functional driver gadget 5.5-inch Car Speed Projector Heads Up or so call HUD Display will provide you with a new approach to speed measurement. In this review we will provide more details about the item.

First and foremost, this speed projector will suit any car in the world. Just set it up and start using it straight away. Additionally, it is featured by high-definition 5.5 inch display with multicolor design. This ensures high-quality image as well convenience in use. Additionally, the display is featured by the use of nano technology to eliminate unwanted reflections and make the image even sharper.

Car Speed Projector Head Up Display

The speed projector also displays rich content including speed, driving direction, driving time, driving distance, real time, satellite number, altitude, speed alarm, and allows for easy switching between kilometer and mile. It also shows up time and battery voltage. Therefore, you will be able to obtain up-to-date and relevant information about your car performance in a timely manner.

Car Speed Projector Display

The HUD display projector is equipped with another interesting feature. It shuts down and starts again automatically together with the car engine to optimize power usage. The voltage the speedometer works on is 9V〜16Vdc (12Vdc / 400mA). Thus, it is efficient and protects the car battery.

The HUD display speedometer is very easy to control, you can be sure that there will not be any issues. It comes with a reflective film, a USB cable to connect to the car, an antiskid pad, and a manual. So, you have all the essentials to start using it straight away.

This 5.5-inch screen speedometer will be able to provide you with amazing emotions and enjoy speed any time on any car. Since it displays rich content, you would always have up-to-date and full information about your car performance.

Car Speed Projector HUD Display