How to Choose Best Fast Charging USB Car Charger

Today car chargers are very widespread and quite popular. People spend a lot of their time in cars and it’s necessary to always be in touch, so you wouldn’t want to end up in a car with your phone or other devices fully discharged. That’s when car chargers come in handy – you just plug them into your cigarette lighter and that’s it. But you have to be careful choosing a suitable car charger – there are a lot of low-and high quality USB car charging devices on sale right now. That’s why we’d like to tell you a bit about car chargers and give some advice on how to choose the best one.

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There are two kinds of car chargers: Car Charger with built-in Lightning Cable and traditional USB car charger. If we talk about the first one, there are certain moments you have to keep in mind when buying a device. Firstly, the connector type. Usually, modern gadgets come with a microUSB port but if you have an older device, you need to look for a compatible car charger. Secondly, the technical attributes. Here you have to know the output electric current and voltage figures. For smartphones the optimal output current value is 1A, for tablets – 2.1A or more. These figures are important because if they don’t match with the figures on your other devices, a charger could overheat or not work at all.

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Thirdly, you have to look at the cable if it’s long enough or how it’s attached to the connector. You always need a cable that looks reliable. There are also other moments like size, material, color, etc.. but it depends on personal preferences. As we mentioned earlier, they would suit you if you have a USB-micro USB cable for your phone. These chargers have one or even more ports for different devices. When choosing a USB-charger, you have to look at compatible technical figures and plug length. So, choosing a high-quality car charger isn’t very hard but you have to be careful because even such small device can cause serious trouble if it has poor quality.

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