Car Air Cleaner Anion Bactericidal Air Purifier

We all think we know of many ways to clean the air that we breathe. Some open windows, for a fresh breeze, while others just leave it the way it is. Fresh breeze from windows is actually not the greatest way, as more harmful particles fly in. One of the best ways to do so, is with a quality air purifier. In this review, we have taken the Car Air Cleaner Anion Bactericidal Dual USB Port Air Purifier smoke removal.

This air purifier is offered in a black and golden color, which makes it look rather trendy and appealing to the eye. The unique design of it, make it fit in easily with just about any car, home or other wanted place. In size, this air purifier is 6.50 x 6.50 x 15.00 cm, quite compact, with a weight of just 660 grams.

AUTOLOVER Car Bactericidal Air Purifier

It works in a way where the air in your room enters from the middle, and after that it travels vertically through the fan of the purifier. The air volume at that point is greater. Air that flows into it is made to contact with the negative ion generator faster, which helps in producing the negative ions much faster than usual. With the help of the negative ions, different harmful particles, dust, PM2.5, smoke and so on are all efficiently absorbed into it. This is sure to provide with the flow of only clean and safe to breathe air.

This air purifier has dual USB ports on it. That is because it charges and works through them. It is compatible with just about any vehicle model, mobile device or any other item, such as portable power bank, or just a wall outlet. The working voltage of this air purifier is 12V.

This air purifier is very sleek in appearance and is stylish as well. It is compact, making it easy to bring along, especially since it is also powered with a USB cable. With this purifier, one is sure to be provided with clean air at all times. This is great for your health! Why not invest in such an item, when the price is so reasonable as well.

Car Anion Bactericidal Air Purifier Air Cleaner
Smoke and Dust Removal, One button control

Car Anion Bactericidal Air Purifier