Best Travellers and Kayakers Bag – Capsula Backpack

You lead an active lifestyle and need a suitable backpack for it? Of course, the choice on the market is quite diverse, there are a lot of spacious backpacks that protect your stuff properly. But there’s always place for something peculiar, like Capsula backpack which we’re going to tell you about now.

Capsula backpack combines a lot of features that you don’t normally see in backpacks. Yes, it’s water-proof but that’s not really surprising. Most importantly, this backpack is inflatable – using a valve you can inflate it yourself, so that your essentials could be even more protected. As a result, the pack floats if you put it in the water. Such structure also means that the pack can withstand any crashes or drops. But that’s not it – Capsula is fitted with special zippers which protect your necessities from thieves. And the pack implements watertight technology, so the temperature inside is kept at the same level, like in a thermos bottle.

But what about other features? It fits really comfortably on your back and shoulders. On the front there’s a zippered pocket, very easily accessible. Inside we have a whole set of different bags with various colours. They come in all shapes and sizes and you can choose yourself the amount of bags and their colours. These interior bags are also highly protective – they are made of water-proof and tear-resistant nylon.

To sum up, Capsula backpack is a rather curious product. It has plenty of helpful features, especially for travellers or kayakers. Capsula is only at the beginning of its way to the stores, the manufacturers are raising funds on Kickstarter.

Capsula Backpack Review

Capsula Backpack