LF 2.5L Capacity Smart Electric Air Fryer

Fried food is one of the most favorite types of just about everyone. We all know how unhealthy that is and bad for our bodies. With the new technological advances in kitchen appliances, there are many different electric air fryers for a healthier option. LF-7615 2.5L Capacity Smart Electric Air Fryer is one that we have observed for this review.

LF-7615 electric air fryer is of a sleek and trendy champagne gold color. It has a unique design, where it is rather narrow but taller. In size, it is 8.66 x 9.84 x 11.81 inches with a weight of 5 kilograms and 255 grams. In capacity, it is 2.5 litres. On top of the electric air fryer there is an ergonomic handle, that makes it comfortable to use and carry. Made out of ABS material for the body and stainless-steel racks inside, it is sturdy and long lasting.

LF - 7615 Electric Air Fryer

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With this electric air fryer, it is possible to cook your favorite foods with just one tablespoon of oil or even less, and often without any oil at all. This provides with a healthy option at all times. It is made to have temperature as high as 200 degrees in Celsius and with the low being 80 degrees. Food is place on the racks, and the cooking chamber is made to radiate heat close to the food, so that each part receives an equal amount of heat. There is an exhaust fan, that helps circulate the flow of the air, so that it always passes through the food. Food inside turns out to be crispy on the outside and juicy inside.

This electric air fryer also has options of grilling, roasting and baking. One can also set the timer anywhere from 0 to 30 minutes. The cooking basket itself is detachable and made to be non sticky for quick and easy cleaning after. Once the basket is being pulled out, the electric fryer will automatically turn off, so that the entire process is safe.

LF-7615 electric air fryer is convenient in the kitchen and will help live a healthier lifestyle by reducing the amount of fat in foods up to 80 percent. Food will be just as tasty without the unneeded calories.

LF 2.5L Capacity Smart Electric Air Fryer

LF 2.5L Capacity Smart Electric Air Fryer