Use Portable Outdoor Camping Lamp Without Harming Your Eyes

When it has to do with camping, we have a tendency to consider adventure and fun and are just about prepared to have enough time of our lives. And we definitely need some outdoor accessories such as tents, light and so on. There are different kinds of rechargeable lights for outdoor camping. Some rechargeable light includes docking station. For the reason many people prefer to purchase the rechargeable lamps since they are more resilient than the ones with built-in battery.

Outdoor Camping Lamp

This inflatable silicone lamp will be a loyal friend of yours during the long and dark camping nights. It produces warm-white light of 70 lumens, which is middle ground brightness that would let you see things without harming your eyes. The lamp is equipped with a built-in lithium battery of 500Aml which provides a rated power of 1.2W. The charge lasts for 4 hours in the light mode and the time it takes to recharge the battery is just 1 hour. This is a perfect trade-off. And probably the best part of it is that the lamp weighs just 105gr, which makes it easy to take around. Made of ABS material, the lamp is highly resistant to water and very reliable. A light is simply as excellent as the light it gives off. You can trust it.