Sports Wearable Action Camera Smart Band For Adventurers

ZGPAX S222 Wearable Action Camera Smart Band is a perfect “Doctor Watson” in any adventure, as it will objectively reflect all the details of any kind of trip. It is very compact, reliable and high-quality. It is wearable and magnetic, dust-proof, very dense and water-proof (you can film up to 30 meters deep) camera, that you will find difficult to get rid of because there is no reason for that. It is equipped with a 900mAh high-capacity battery.

The quality of the pictures is very high as well: 1080P shooting is available at 30fps. It is also equipped with 6pcs glass wide-angle lenses. The inventors also took care of exporting photos to the phone: now you can do it through the special App. The camera supports SD cards up to 32 GB of memory. Finally, it is extremely compact and easy to use… and to lose because you will be wearing it.

ZGPAX S222 Sports Wearable
Waterproof Action Camera

Smart Wearable Action Camera


    • waterproof – 30 meters depth
    • Low light (luminous mode) shooting function
    • HD 1080P shooting at 30fps
    • Battery capacity 900mAh
    • 6pcs glass HD wide-angle lenses
    • 8MP HD pictures
    • Supports up to 32G memory cards
    • Video recording formats 1080P, 720P, 2K
    • Single shot, automatic shooting, continuous shooting
    • Working Time: 30mins at 1080P
    • Up to 3 hours charging time
    • Built-in mic./speaker (AAC)
    • WiFi distance 10 meter

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Wearable Sports Action Camera