Premium Sleeve Burkley Vintage Leather Bag

Using premium sleeve Burkley Vintage Leather Bag you can protect your MacBook or iPad with style and comfort. Burkley bag is lightweight, easy to carry and capacious one. There are a lot of sections for your gadgets and accessories. Laptop Bag is ultra slim, it is like a folder and adds minimal weight to your laptop.

This accessory is made of genuine leather. Each bag is individually handcrafted with its exclusive design, every fine detail is completely worked up. There is a very beautiful stitching on each side. Burkley bag is released in black and cognac colours. Vintage bag will perfectly match any style.

Vintage Leather Laptop Bag by Burkley is easy to carry due to a conveniently placed hand strap on the back. It is useful thing for those, who enjoy travelling. Now you can keep your laptop, tablet and other accessories all in one place. Plus, the form-fitting design and the pockets inside the bag make it easier to carry your staff. All small details give the bag an authentic exclusivity.