The Ultimate Bullet Proof Laptop Sleeve

There are many cases out there to protect your laptop whether it is soft or hard shell, but have you ever heard of a hard case that is bullet proof? That’s right there is a case that is bullet proof and will last you ten years. The ultimate bullet proof laptop sleeve C6SHELL, a stylish lightweight case designed to protect laptops from serious falls, spills and even bullets.

Laptop Sleeve

Handmade out of carbon fiber, a strongest yet lightest material out there will surely do the job. C6SHELL may sound like an odd name at first but the C stands for carbon while 6 stands for its atomic number and the word shell because it’s a strong case, combining all three makes for the name “C6SHELL”.

The case currently launched on Kickstarter (image source) comes in two sizes, 15 inches and 13inches, designed to fit MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and other laptops with similar dimensions. It also comes in two colors, classic and autobiography, so essentially one with a silver stripe another one with a red stripe.  The market price starts from $250, it may seem a lot at first but if you think about it, it is an investment worth making to protect your even more expensive laptop.