Fully Function Bullazo Business Backpack for Traveler

Bullazo Backpack 1

The Bullazo Business Backpack BOB is about to be launched. Supporting the Project on Kickstarter gives you the chance to take part and on top of that get a free QI Power bank or discounts on the first ever sold samples.

Bullazo Backpack 5

The Bullazo BOB tries finding an answer to the dynamic business lifestyle. Based on a survey below a big business community the functions shaped the product. So, for example BOB is not only a backpack but can as well be transformed into a bag. Therefore, the handle can be taken off with a simple click-system and can be hidden in an intended pocket. This makes it suitable for different means of transport such as bike, car and for traveling by plane as well. For that especially it has a strap which it can be attached to a trolley with.

Bullazo Backpack 3

BOB is made of 100% cowhide and is treated with a water-resistant coating. Also, the hidden zippers give hard time to anyone trying to open it unauthorized. Inside, it contains a water resistant and shock proof laptop case which is accessible from both sides. Also, the integrated wireless power bank charges your phone on the way.

Bullazo Backpack 2

Plus, there’s a bunch of compartments which work as an organizer and keep things it its place, such as a penholder, a document sleeve and a key-holder. For the worst case it contains an identification card, which makes it easier to be found once lost. BOB bridges the gap between combining all those functions and nevertheless being timeless and minimalistic in its design.