Buffalo TeraStation Desktop 4TB Hard Drives Discount Deals

Buffalo 3210DN TeraStation is a business class value storage solution. The gadget comes with 2 Hard drives of 4TB, therefore, by buying it you will get a lot of storage space. This is a good solution for a medium sized business. The Hard drive station can significantly improve the performance of the hard drives. It will not only speed them up but organize the storage properly.

Preparing a RAID array is extremely straightforward and the TeraStation supplies you with different options. Another intriguing feature is its dual-partition or file system setup to provide compatibility across a wide array of systems. The Data Deduplication feature can be set up from the Server Manager and put on the current volume. By the way, the hard drives already come RAID pre-configured, meaning you can just plug and play. The set up is that easy. And if you want network usage, you can just plug it into router. Finally, the device comes with a long 3 year warranty – this definitely tells something about its quality, no?

Buffalo TeraStation Desktop 4 TB NAS Hard Drives

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