Budget Simple Daily Casual Canvas Retro Crossbody Bag

There are many reasons why crossbody handbags are so common. If you’re a the one who need many stuff beside you at any certain moment, you will probably be searching for a big bag, whereas someone who might be happier with a crossbody bag. The following crossbody casual bag will be a perfect gift to a man that wants everything to be perfect. It is made of high density canvas and suede cowhide leather which makes it very long-lasting and yet stretchable. The size ( 32.00 x 14.00 x 5.00 cm ) of the bag makes it very suitable for transporting laptops, gadgets and documents without any damages.

Additionally, it would fit as hand luggage on the plane, therefore, you can take it on trips. The bag itself weighs just 0.8kg, minimizing the pressure on your shoulders. The bag is equipped with adjustable tight, which makes it very comfortable and convenient. And the best part is that the appearance of the bag is so unique and balanced that it will be suitable for any occasion or outfit.

Canvas Retro Crossbody Bag