Budget Desktop Laser 3D Scanner with CMOS Sensor

3D scanners are extremely convenient and often much needed for various jobs. Not all want to invest in an expensive scanner, when to be honest, they all fill out the same function. In this review, we are going to take a look at an High Scanning Accuracy Portable Budget Desktop Laser 3D Scanner with CMOS Sensor, the Ciclop.

This 3D scanner is one that is more affordable on the market, which already attracts many customers. It is of a red and black color, making it bold and setting a mood to get the job done. Assembling the Ciclop 3D scanner is extremely easy to do, with the instruction manual in the package. Once it is fully put together, scanning items is also not a hassle at all. One just needs to place their item on the rotating acrylic platform.

Ciclop Desktop Laser 3D Scanner

The accuracy of the scan depends all from the type of environment that you are in, light in the room at that moment, and shape of the item. It can be adjusted though. It is easy for this scanner to accurately capture items that have a space volume of greater than 5 cm by 5 cm, and those that are smaller than 20.3 cm by 20.3 cm. Images also turn out to be greater if the item is less than 3.0 kilograms in weight, are stable and not moving. Opaque objects also tend to turn out better. The scanning element in the Ciclop is CMOS, with a USB 2.0 interface.

It is however more difficult for the scanner to capture items that are small in volume, transparent, luminous or reflective, and dark with surface blur. Objects that have a space volume of more than 20.3 X 20.3 cm should not be scanned, as well as those that have a weight of more than 3.0 kilograms, as well as moving objects.

Ciclop desktop laser 3D scanner is one that is highly enjoyed by previous users. It is made to provide with detailed models right on your computer in just minutes. Quality of the scanner itself is high, as it is made out of durable material. It is one that is sure to provide with a great experience and will conserve time.

High Scanning Accuracy Portable 3D Scanner
Budget Desktop Laser 3D Scanner with CMOS Sensor

Budget Desktop Laser 3D Scanner