Bright Light Eye Therapy Smart Glasses

The Luminette 2 Smart Therapy Glasses are intended to be worn during an individual’s morning routine, usually for no longer than one hour. Although, they look futuristic, the idea is really very simple and the device itself is equally easy to use. The futuristic-looking glasses are not anything more than a sensible and sophisticated semi-circular band, which resembles the very best frame and earpieces of conventional eyeglasses. The light therapy glasses need to be comfortable.

Light may be used in treating circadian rhythm disorders as a piece of circadian rhythm administration. The blue light won’t do the job for everybody, but there’s great potential. As a more palatable alternative for individuals with limited time in the early hours, wearable light might help improve compliance, states Eric Delloye, general manager of Lucimed, the business that produces Luminette glasses.

Bright Light Therapy Smart Glasses

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As a result of its diffractive system, the light generated by the Luminette 2 Bright Light Eye Therapy Smart Glasses does not influence the segment of the eye responsible for vision. Safe to use Luminette has been used each and every day by 20,000 users since 2006 without any issue. It has been used every day by 30,000 users since 2006 without any problem.