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Teamosa Brewing Tea Kitchen Smart Gadget

Our world is dominated by two beverages: coffee and tea. There are many different ways of preparing both of them and people don’t usually use technology to brew a cup of coffee or tea. Actually, technology can help here. There are plenty of coffee brewing devices but what about tea? In fact, there is a new Brewing Tea Kitchen Smart Gadget called Teamosa that can make you the best tea every day.

Brewing Tea Kitchen Smart Gadget

The gadget consists of two main parts: a water tank and a so-called infusion chamber where you put tea leaves or special tea pods also from Teamosa. Tea brewing seems like an ordinary procedure but Teamosa brings a bit of flavour to it. First of all, the gadget uses ultrasonic extraction while brewing to increase antioxidant yield, so the tea becomes even healthier.

In addition, just like most other smart devices, Teamosa can be controlled with a smartphone app. The app gives users access to many things – they can change brewing temperature, the amount of tea, steeping time, and so on.

Teamosa is currently being funded on Kickstarter and if you’re interested, you can join the campaign too. The gadget is available for $239 and first shipments will start next year.

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