Known Brands VS New Brands in Crowdfunding Platforms

Since there are different opinions about rising and falling of brands on the mobile device accessories market, we’ve decided to analyze the market situation. On one hand, we can see that well-known brands reduce the range of their products, such as cases, bags, car chargers, power banks and other mobile accessories for smartphones, tablets and laptop devices. But on the other hand, a lot of new brands, which have some unique products, are trying to enter the market using popular websites, like INDIEGOGO or KICKSTARTER.

So, what is it all about? Let’s look into this matter. That’s true, recently we haven’t seen many innovative or even bold releases from famous brands. Perhaps that was the reason why independent creative designers, engineers and entrepreneurs found niches on the market.

And there many examples when big company’s employees leave their jobs to create own brands. Then, they come up with new ideas and try to enter the market even through the same sales channels. Besides, many new brand owners have very simple goals, like make more money, be more independent or have more free time. However, everybody understands that the niche in offline-stores is quite narrow and it’s limited by the market access from distributors. That’s why online markets appear. But on INDIEGOGO or KICKSTARTER there are many expensive and sometimes unreasonably expensive products. Why? Because manufacturers need initial investments to launch a particular accessory or a gadget.

It may also stem from the fact that offline retailers don’t want to sell very expensive products because people rarely buy them and they just fill the place on shelves. And only a few big companies with enormous financial possibilities can afford to open specialized Brand stores. But there’s a question: can’t new brand owners just sell their idea or a patent to already existing brands? They can but there’s always a fear that big brand could get the idea and assume it to themselves. Everything that we’ve mentioned above affects the market. As we can see, it’s hard for new brands with only one product to survive on the market. It’s uncertain if they would attract investments and keep producing their products in the future. But it’s important to remember that there are always companies that could become interested in your idea and invest in your project. After that, it’s just a matter of negotiating a contract and you can earn stable sales income.

So, to sum it up:

  • There’s definitely a new niche on the market – innovative accessories. Modern technologies develop very fast. Consequently, the industry of accessories develops fast as well.
    New expensive products are sold only via Internet because distributors see certain risks in it. Plus, stores don’t have enough space on their shelves for expensive products or a single unique item with the unknown brand.
  • Your investments to launching a new product, such as premium leather bag for MacBook with some functions or unique anti-theft backpack or cases for iphone or any other mobile accessory,  may or may not be justifiable. Of course, accessories are usually made for devices from popular brands, like Apple (iPhone, iPad, MacBook), Samsung, Sony, etc., and manufacturers believe that an accessory will as popular as the device it was made for. But still, you have to make sure the solution is workable before the start.

As a conclusion, we should say that today many big brands reduce the range of their products and take a so-called wait-and-see approach in order not to lose what they already have and working on design to improve existing products range. In fact, there are not so many companies which have a full production cycle: from design to sampling to manufacturing and finally, to distribution. But such companies exist and we can give you advice on how to start your project and continue working on it.