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Xiaomi is a well-known brand already on the market, with their large variety of all sorts of smart devices for home, work and pleasure. This makes it very unique compared to many others on the market. Xiaomi Iwas first established in 2010 by Lei Jun. Headquarters are located in Beijing, China, although the company, in the current time, has expanded around the world including such countries as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, and Brazil.Xiaomi Mi stands for Mobile Internet (MI). The company thoroughly tests all of their products, before releasing them onto the market, to receive the greatest results and best usage experience. Xiaomi team is fully fond of technology which pushes them to overcome the limits and make unique gadgets. Items include mobile devices, power banks, audio items such as headphones, speakers, and docks, different action and security cameras, as well lifestyle items including scooters, Smart Vacuum Cleaning robots, Smart LED lamps, electronic body scales, bulbs and more.